Deals and Steals: Exclusive Discounts on Fashion for Fall!

"GMA" viewers can get bracelets, onesies for babies, tanks for layering, leggings and satchels for up to 80 percent off!
4:39 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Exclusive Discounts on Fashion for Fall!
Now to Tory Johnson's "Deals & steals." All about fall fashion this morning. We'll remember all for today as supplies last. As long as supplies last. Okay, so first up so we got our girls here helping us. Wearing leggings from white plum and the thing that they told me is that they're super soft. Feel that. Super soft. They got to choose their colors, whether it's with a sweater, t-shirt, so versatile, 50 styles to choose from as well as plus sizes and paternity. Normally $20, everything is slashed by 60%, 8 bucks for a pair of leggings. Can't beat that. Can't beat that. You guys look gorgeous. You look gorgeous. Tell you what, you can keep them. Okay. For $8, it's on us. Magnificent baby, so I saw that little picture of Lawrence and I could only imagine. Look at these. So Lawrence's parents would love these because it's all magnetic and so there's no struggle to get the baby dressed. This is all of -- look how cute. Look at these little bunny ears, so adorable. A new niece. I do, I do. These are fabulous. Part of the big, new fall collection. An incredible assortment to choose from. Phenomenal price, normally all of the pieces from magnificent baby $10 to $60, everything slashed by at least 50% if not more. $4 to 30 bucks. That's it? Can't beat that. Stunning, stunning. "Gma" viewer favorite, these are their brand-new leather cuffs, fabulous collection, all the colors that you can choose from, also with their signature logo in silver/gold and paired with a beaded bracelet. Brand-new to their collection as well and comes in the matching clam shell case which is great for gifting or storage or when you travel, easy, easy easy, normally. Easy easy. Normally 120 for the set however today you know that there's a really big discount, $32. That is a 73% savings. Oh, my gosh. Like them. You got my attention. Okay, so this is yummy by heather Thompson. What I love about these, three different styles, these are all of them have some kind of control shaping in them and what I love is that there's one style that's a little bit longer so when you want to cover some little problem areas, when you put a shirt or a sweater over -- then it hangs out, it looks fabulous and also comes with its really special technology that's built into them that is great for keeping you warm when you want to be warm and keeping you cool when you want to be cool and so I think that kind of body temperature comfort is really fabulous. Three different color, three different styles and what I also love they come from extra small to 3x so very big assortment to cover everybody. What's the deal? Normally starting at $48, everything is slashed in half, 24 and free shipping from yummie. Love that? Free shipping. We love free shipping. And you know the free shipping and you don't even have to be home for shipping and let some stranger come in and deliver it. There you go. Perfect. Perfect. Hey, okay, so ora delphine. Their satchel. Best-selling satchel but now we have it in seven brand-new fall colors, what I love is there's the top handle or there is the removable shoulder strap so depending on how you wear your bag which I think sometimes depends how much stuff you have stuffed in your bag. This is great. Big discount, pebble -- like pebble leather. Very soft. Beautiful genuine leather. Normally $425. These are slashed by 80%, $83 from ora delphine. And you guys have all been so amazing for us, so everyone at home, you go to to get the deals but everybody here is going home with your own set from rustic cuff. That's what we do. Isn't that great? This is the best group. This, not this. Okay. But we love you. We love you just the same and we always love you. Thanks to all these great companies for these deals and get them on our site and our audience is getting as you said that grab bag which is so wonderful. Tomorrow we have our biggest deals and steals event ever, 30 deals on September 30th.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"\"GMA\" viewers can get bracelets, onesies for babies, tanks for layering, leggings and satchels for up to 80 percent off!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42436125","title":"Deals and Steals: Exclusive Discounts on Fashion for Fall!","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-exclusive-discounts-fashion-fall-42436125"}