Deals and steals: Must-haves for $20 and under

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 71 percent on everything from makeup to cozy sock slippers to jewelry.
3:25 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: Must-haves for $20 and under
Now time to jump-start your holiday shopping with Tory Johnson's "Deals & steals." Big bargains that are all 20 bucks or less. Got it? You got good stuff lined up. I can't believe it's 20 bucks are less. Starting with benefit. One of the big fete names in brows. Everyone knows they're sort of fabulous in packaging but what is inside -- I lo that ka-brow. Everything is easy to use. Provides instant results and best-selling must have mascara and bronzer, big assortment of all the things. Everything is slashed in half, 11 to 14.50. 11 to $14.50. Good deal. Okay, this is brand-new company. One of Oprah's favorite things and it's got this unbelievable sherpa lining then the faux fur Cuffee. All the way through in all the way through plus the gripper is on the bottom so you don't slip and adult sizes and then also a little two-pack for infants. They're super adorable. Very covfefe. Normally $25 for the single or two-pack for babies slashed in half, 12.50 for some pudus. Super comfortable. I'd rock those around the house. Exactly. Baby foot. If you have dry, cracked feet on the bottom, skin not so lovely and you want to make it soft, baby foot is the solution. You slip this little boot, this little boot on for one hour, each foot. You'll wear that for an hour. This is going to absorb into your skin. You'll take it off, rinse, nothing will happen for three days and suddenly in three to five days, the sort of like most grossly satisfying thing happens. All of that dead skin disappears. It is amazing. It's amazing. You got to trust me. For people go get a pedestripedicure and people go ooh. You should have done that first. 12.50 and free shipping from baby foot. Excellent. Free shipping. Keepers. Tortoise for you. This is another one of Oprah's favorite things. Those are polarized. No strength and we've got readers, polarized sun readers, the regular sun readers, huge assortment and blue blockers clear. If you stare -- have some bling on the side. Those are fabulous. Huge assortment from peepers including the blue blockers which is you stare at a screen all day these are for you, normally 22 to $24, slashed in half, 11 to 12 bucks. 11 to 12 bucks. Love it. Daniela, add a little glitz. All these bracelets are magnetic. They fit your wrist. I 24e6r have something that fits you. The cz. Look at these baguettes. Everything looks so stunning. Are these real, I said yes, these are general fakes. They're gorgeous. 32 to $88. Everything slashed by at least 63%. 12 to 20 bucks. And then last but not least we've got skinnytees. Gorgeous tanks, the perfect mission of spandex and nylon. We have two fabulous women wearing them. Shirley's birthday today. Happy birthday. Plus the cardigans that they're wearing normally 28 to $50. And they make you look good. Everybody is going home with two great gives from baby foot and befenif cosmetics. We partnered with all these great companies and we'll be

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 71 percent on everything from makeup to cozy sock slippers to jewelry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51187094","title":"Deals and steals: Must-haves for $20 and under","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-haves-20-51187094"}