Hot Bargains on Bags and Jewelry

ABC News' Tory Johnson reveals amazing deals on everyone's favorite fashion accessories.
3:52 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Hot Bargains on Bags and Jewelry
she's with us. "Deals & steals" time. Everybody lady loves to see them. Bags and jewelry. I thought you were going to say sam champion. Sam, josh and george, of course. All these are just as supplies last and up to 80% off. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For promo codes and links. Josh is looking down, making sure he is ready to watch. These are amazing. They're little diamond simulated studs. You can't see it. Look at that. I know. They're really smart. And you can choose silver tone, gold, rose gold, whatever you prefer. Normally $99 for these. Slashed by 80%. 20 bucks. No one can tell the difference. When it accidentally goes down the drain, it's okay. Deal two. Incredible. These bracelets are really adorable. They're woven with little gold beads. Totally adjustable, six different colors. Normally $79, if you went into expensive boutiques. But slashed by 76%, $19. Have you seen these bracelets a lot. But you don't see them with the beading detail. That's a new look there. Okay. Check this out. Amy, I hope I got your initials right. And lara spencer. So, these are from rustica. We have a little -- I love them. Robin. Margot. Ali wentworth. We have all our abc friends covered. And you, at home, can be covered, too, whether you want it cutout or embossed. There's so many different shapes and colors. Even different widths and different sizes. Normally, starting at $97, slashed by 70%, $29 to $39. With your initials. Guys can wear these, too. You can guy this for your guy. Now, bags. This is what lara is eyeing back here. Leather bags, with the whip stitch detail. Beautiful lining. Whip stitch, cross-body. Every buzzword in there. Normally $250. These are slashed by 74%. 64. And they come in six different colors. Real leather. Real leather. And lining. Satin lining. Really cute. Are you ready to grab the last box? Oh. All around the country. And they sell online. These are the really cute nylon tote bags. It's an easy tote. Navy, gold, pink. The small and the large. Isn't that adorable? These are soft leather handles. These -- work, gym, whatever it is. Regularly, $58 to $78. They're starting at 59%, so, starting at $24. I love c. Wonder. We have an exclusive coming up on "gma live!" Can you give us a hint? It's in this category. In this category. Watch "gma live!" Right after the show. You logon for that. Don't forget, thank you to all of the companies for providing amazing gifts for our viewers. Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For the codes linked to bargains. Coming up, everybody, smize.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"ABC News' Tory Johnson reveals amazing deals on everyone's favorite fashion accessories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19836431","title":"Hot Bargains on Bags and Jewelry","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-hot-bargains-bags-jewelry-19836431"}