Mega Deals and Steals: Spring Fling Edition

Tory Johnson has some amazing deals on bags, jewelry and more.
3:05 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mega Deals and Steals: Spring Fling Edition
>> How can you stand still hearing the music? How can you stand still? Time for more mega "Deals & steals." Spring fling edition. So many things you'll love to give and get. Let's bring out our bargains. >> Making it fancy today. And we have Michael. So, girls, come on out. >> Nice. >> Very fancy. >> What do we have here? >> First, a whole lot of bling. It's cocktail rings from Amelia rose. One of "Gma" viewers' favorites. It's a big assortment in world and silver finishes. Quartz and semiprecious stones. Starting at $79. Slashed by at least 63%. 29 bucks apiece. Those pinkie rings look fine. >>> Next up, another favorite. Alex and ani. These are made in Rhode Island from recycled materials. Phenomenal bracelets, in individual or stacks, depending on your preference. Another good deal, starting at $24. These are slashed in half. 12 bucks. >> Look at that. >> All right. Danielle Stephens initial necklaces. For Michael, we got his girls' initials here. And you can have the initials built into the chain or dangling. Lots of options for you there. Normally starting at $98. Slashed by 55%, to 30 bucks. Let's look at another "Gma" favorite. I love this brand-new, just dressed today. It's a wristlet and cuff combination. You can wear them together or individually. A variety of colors.  This is slashed by 73%. $38. >> I need to hold this, robin. A lot of times, I end up holding a lady's bag. Men, you have to look good with it. >> There you go. >> I see more of this. >> The colors. >> We have one more bag option for you. Ashley is bringing this out here. Our friends at LE sport sac. Starting at $21, with free shipping. You can't beat that. >> Hold on. That's adorable. >> Turn around. Turn around. 15 different patterns, not just these. >> We don't know how you do it each and every time. You can get all of the links and codes for these deals at on Yahoo! Just check out the site. Every hour, until 5:00 P.M. Eastern, for new deals.

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{"id":23451995,"title":"Mega Deals and Steals: Spring Fling Edition","duration":"3:05","description":"Tory Johnson has some amazing deals on bags, jewelry and more.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-spring-fling-edition-bags-jewelry-23451995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}