Deals and steals on wheels: The best discounts from Tampa

Tory Johnson is live in Florida to bring bargains you don't want to miss from companies based in the Sunshine State.
4:55 | 05/04/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals on wheels: The best discounts from Tampa
We are roaring into Florida this morning at the historic hotel on St. Pete beach. Tory Johnson taking over that town. First we have divers from the Florida aquarium in Tampa who went underwater to welcome Tory but got to say the big moment last night at the plate, Tory throwing out a pitch at the Tampa bay rays game. Tory Johnson, you outdid yourself. How was that for you? How was it, girl. Oh, my gosh, Lara. You are very kind to me there. I got to give Raymond all the credit. In high school I was on the debate team, not the baseball team so I was terrified. But I am so excited to be here with this great crowd in St. Pete. We've been having so much fun and let's get to our very first deal. First up you have even it on "Shark tank," a "Gma" favorite from corder Roys, Byron will demonstrate how it goes from a chair into a bed in just seconds. There's nothing to inflate. You pull it open. You fluff it up and there's the bed. We've got three sizes, Raymond can vouch for us they're company. Youth, full, queen and king sizes, normally 100 to $373. Slashing it how much, Raymond. In half so everything is 50 to $185. A really nun family owned business. Pillow talk gifts so they've got fabulous things, the footie slippers I love, Lara, I'm buying you whine a little, laugh a lot. They're so super cozy, blanket, pillows, Delaney, show us this hug me blanket. Starts like this. It's got these special pockets, folds over. No hands and feet are going to get too cold from that. Adorable blanket, fabulous pillow, huge assortment when you go to our website. Normally these range from 14 to $60 depending on what you choose but everything is slashed in half. $7 to $30. Tervis. Three generations, third president of the company, rogen's grandfather started tervis. A company so many know. We've got these in our homes but to know that it's all made in America and it's based right here is pretty spectacular. There's an enormous assort many. Seven different designs, we've got cup, tumblers, wine glasses, sort of somethior everything as you go from spring to summer event takening to keep them cold por hot, whatever it is, they have you covered and we have Jim's dive shop to help reveal the deal. Normally $17 to $70, but slashed in half. Everything from tervis $8.50 to $35. Okay, bourbon and bow ties, I love all of these bracelet, Lara, I'm bringing you some of these too. All fabulous, you see them in top department stores, the stones, they are so spectacular. The colors, they come in singles and in stacks depending on what you choose. Normally $22 to $92 but Carly, the owner is hooking us up with this super sale. $11 to $46. Depending on the set and I know, Lara, you're always obsessed with her so you had a question for Carly. They are absolutely gorgeous. Love the stackables and bracelets are so special because women including moms make every single piece and they do it at home so they can have a flexible schedule which is so fantastic. Tell us how it works. How you came up with the idea. Yes, we just grew really fast and found such honor in our community to provide more than 400 jobs. The women are stay-at-home moms so really honored to do that. Listen, we love the idea. Yes. We love the idea. We want to help you even more so we're going to give you $10,000 to grow your business. Oh, my god. Even more. Thank you. How do you feel? That's amazing. Our sponsor, Carly, our sponsor vistaprint wants to help you expand your business. Vistaprint believes in you. We are a part of an organization here in the Tampa area so we'll donate this back to the community, probably Ronald McDonald house. Wow, the giving continues. That's great. We thank you, vistaprint. We thank you, Tory. We're bringing fun stuff home for you. You know what, you already brought us stuff for our audience. We love our studio audience and we didn't forget you. Everybody here thanks to Tory is going home with drinkware from tervis. So don't forget that and we have partnered with them for all the deals. Get the details on our website and Tory is heading to Dallas to bring you deals from the lone star state. Come on down, join her there.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Tory Johnson is live in Florida to bring bargains you don't want to miss from companies based in the Sunshine State. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47193374","title":"Deals and steals on wheels: The best discounts from Tampa","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-wheels-best-discounts-tampa-47193374"}