Deals and Steals on Wheels Heads to Cleveland

It's day 3 of the savings extravaganza, and Tory Johnson is revealing exclusive discounts on jewelry, nail polish sets, T-shirts and barbecued ribs!
5:19 | 05/04/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on Wheels Heads to Cleveland
wheels. Tory Johnson and her team in Cleveland part of our five cities in five days and live at the rock & roll hall of fame with our biggest crowd yet. Hey, Tory. Hey. So, we have an amazing crowd here. Unbelievable energy and best of all for me good hair day so first up I'm excited about this one because they're right here in downtown Cleveland. So, this just started as kind of a romantic story. Jackie and Phillip were dating and decided at christmastime they would hand make all of the gifts for one another and loved doing that so much they said not only should we get married but start a business to make beautiful things and make gorgeous things. A lot of ah. They make beautiful, beautiful leather products including this which is my favorite. It's called the lucky penny pouch necklace. Three different colors of leather, 32-inch chain and it's to put whatever little lucky charm in there to carry along with you all the time. Normally $38. This is slashed in half, $19 and it's made just two minutes from here in downtown Cleveland. Next up, this company is called the American clothing company. Started by a family that said we believe that people will buy American made basics. They will pay the prices. We can price them competitively. These basics do not have to be made overseas and so they make a variety of source a variety from throughout the United States of cotton basics. Huge assortment of just a basic t-shirt. Men and women, and an incredible deal. Normally $12. They are slashed in half, 6 bucks. Your choice today. Another incredible story, so this company is zoya. Zoya is a woman in 1979 emigrated in Russia. CLA classically trained pianist and she and her husband, a chemist, said we can do better than what the nail industry offers and they created an exclusive line of high quality nail Polish and other products now known around the country, a true American success story based here in Cleveland and have a huge assortment for us including their products that was named in "Allure" magazine breakthrough winner. Big assortment from spring into summer. With these colors you can't go wrong near round you'll see all the box gift sets rank from 18 to $96 if you choose the big one. But today only, these are all slashed in half, starting at $9 and zoya has thrown in free shipping. So we off that. Okay. And then another Cleveland favorite, bubba's bbq. We've got the most amazing deboned ribs that you wouldn't believe. Big assortment of these. These come ready to go. All you have to do is heat and eat. Two different size packages to choose from starting at $95 all slashed in half starting at $47.50. You can't beat these ribs. And we've got a little special message from a shark that some of you might know. Take a look. Congratulations and the boneless ribs are my favorite investment. Not only because they taste so good but because you're selling a lot of ribs. Wow. So look at that. So not only -- ? Surprised. Does only does daymond think you're amazing we think you are. You guys together, father/daughter team. We know you guys together and George, they are one of the Cleveland's favorites. Definitely. Small business owners and we think you should be the ones that get to teach other aspiring small business owners from college kids pursuing entrepreneurships to boomers reinventing themselves. You are the ones who should be hosting barbecue celebration, right? Teaching small business owners what to do so guess what, George, we got something really special. Drum roll, please. Drum roll. Our sponsor vistaprint thinks you should host barbecues for entrepreneurs and they'll pay for it. Here is a check for bubba's barbecue for $10,000. Thanks, Tory. What do you think about that. Most people didn't know me know that rarely am I lost for words but I'm lost for words today. Wow. That's okay because, George, George is never at a loss for words. He'll take it away. We have the ribs right here. They're fantastic, congratulation, guys. Another great day in Cleveland. Get all the links and codes for these at on Yahoo! Plus a special deal you can only find on "Gma's" Twitter account and tomorrow Tory heads to Detroit to find out how to join her on our website.

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{"id":38861052,"title":"Deals and Steals on Wheels Heads to Cleveland","duration":"5:19","description":"It's day 3 of the savings extravaganza, and Tory Johnson is revealing exclusive discounts on jewelry, nail polish sets, T-shirts and barbecued ribs!","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-wheels-heads-cleveland-38861052","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}