Deals and Steals on Wheels Takes the Bargains to Detroit

The latest stop on Tory Johnson's savings bonanza hits the Motor City with exclusive discounts on kids' superhero capes, reusable bags, snack pouches and iPhone cases.
4:48 | 05/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deals and Steals on Wheels Takes the Bargains to Detroit
Right now time for "Deals & steals" on wheels live from Detroit. Tory Johnson is there with huge bargains. Yeah, it is all part of our ultimate road trip bringing blockbuster deals to you. Tory is in campus marsh park. Is that right? Campus marsh. Campus marshes park with a huge crowd. Tory, let's see what you got. We got an amazing crowd and phenomenal deals. First up, "Gma" favorite too. See them in person. This is the company that allows any person no matter your age from the little to the big to channel your inner superhero and get to choose the cape, color, the emblem, the initial, everything, customize your own cape like all of the ones you see here, phenomenal company based here. Normally their products very affordable to begin with, $10 to $45, today only slashed in more than half, so really $5 to 20 bucks depending on what you choose. Can't beat that. Okay, next up another one fun called spa bang and it's this little reusable bag, dishwasher safe. As any mom knows you get tired of throwing away so many plastic bags. The reusable solution. Use it for snack, crayons, travel, it's good for everything and, again, dishwasher safe which we love and have a version you can write on with a nonpermanent marker. So fun to put notes in for kids. Normally $10 each, today only slashed in half, 5 bucks. Okay, next up, really cool company called original snacks. So in hockey, sticks get broken. What happens with those broken hockey sticks. They get turned into these super cool phone cases. The company just signed a deal with NHL and licensed all of the NHL teams including the Detroit red wings. We have all the teams for our hockey fans. Normally depending on the style you choose they start at $40 but today only exclusively for "Gma" viewers starting at 20 bucks. Okay, then a yummy treat because we're always bringing you the best food. I have a sweet spot for this. This is Dave's sweet tooth. This is a recipe created by a retired Detroit firefighter and everybody would call and want more and more and more so his son said, hey, we've got a business here and they created Dave's sweet tooth and packaged their delicious products. Today only for "Gma" viewers there's a set of five that you get, all five of their amazing flavors, phenomenal discount normally $30 for the set of five. Today only it's $13 and a really cool thing about this, 56% savings, a really cool thing about this one, $1 of every bag that you purchase, every package that you purchase is going to go to the Denis Leary firefighters foundation so we love giving back. I know you do. Tory, it's delicious and I love that some money goes to charity. So many great dies from small businesses there in Detroit and you have two more surprises, we understand. I do have two surprises. So, this is Andrew. Dave, Dave is the sweet tooth. Andrew is the business brains and when we told the actor Denis Leary you guys wanted to do this, he had a message for you so take a look. Hey, guy, Denis Leary here, thank you very much for your donation to the Leary firefighters foundation, Dave, it means a lot coming from a former firefighter and, Andrew, I know you will sell a lot of coffee to help us out, thanks. How about that? And when we told our sponsor at vistaprint you guys were doing this, they are a small business champion and love businesses that give back so wanted to get this whole thing started with -- so let's turn it around this way, girls and let's show everybody. Vistaprint is purchasing $10,000 worth of your toffee to help you get started with a portion of this to go to the Denis Leary firefighters foundation. Thank you. Thank you, guys. This is the heart of our communities. This is small business. This is what small business does. You can buy the coffee and all of the deals online and now, Lara, we have some for you in the studio too. Thank you, Tory. We've all been enjoying it. What a great road trip this has been. You get the codes and links for them on on Yahoo! And a special deal on "Gma's" Twitter account. Tomorrow Tory is going to Boston. Find out how to join her on our site.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The latest stop on Tory Johnson's savings bonanza hits the Motor City with exclusive discounts on kids' superhero capes, reusable bags, snack pouches and iPhone cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38890090","title":"Deals and Steals on Wheels Takes the Bargains to Detroit","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-wheels-takes-bargains-detroit-38890090"}