Death Toll Rises to 7 in NYC Building Blast

Horrific gas explosion took down two apartment buildings, injuring 60.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death Toll Rises to 7 in NYC Building Blast
We turn now to the latest on that explosion that took down two apartment buildings in Manhattan. They found more bodies overnight. The death toll, six, with more than 60 injured and ABC's Ryan smith is on the scene. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning, George. As you can see over my shoulder the scene still very much active in east Harlem. Smoke continuing to billow from the buildings as crews pouring water clearing massive amounts of debris from the scene in hopes of finding those still missing. This morning, dozens of Manhattan residents are waking up without a home. A devastating explosion leveling these two five-story buildings on Wednesday. Get back. Get back. Reporter: Killing at least six including a public safety officer and a den tag hygienist and injuring 64 other people among them two FBI agents. We have two five-story buildings totally collapse. Reporter: Dozens remain in hospitals or shelters while a handful are still missing. There will be a thorough search to try to find or locate each individual. Reporter: Residents say they remember smelling what they call unbearable gas Tuesday night. Alerting energy company con Edison the next morning, 9:13 A.M. 15 minutes later, the large blast erupted. Oh, oh. Get off the sidewalk. Pulling people out of the Building. Reporter: The wall started coming down. I didn't know what to do. Reporter: Two construction workers running to the scene to help. Rescuing a young boy from the rubble. Just grabbed him and brought him down to the car. Reporter: The blast so strong, flying debris held up the commuter train service for hours and red cross setting up in this school helping the displaced with food, emotional support and finding a place to stay. No one thinks disaster will happen to them and when it does, there is a sense of shock. Reporter: While heavy equipment trucks move in to clear debris, many residents left wondering when, if ever, they can go home. And search efforts remain all the more difficult last night by whipping wind, dropping temperatures, even a sinkhole that opened up right in front of the building temporarily. That halted efforts for just a little bit of time last night but as of now, speaking of the displaced, the red cross just telling us that at least 60 residents are being housed in a temporary shelter nearby.

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{"id":22895191,"title":"Death Toll Rises to 7 in NYC Building Blast","duration":"3:00","description":"Horrific gas explosion took down two apartment buildings, injuring 60.","url":"/GMA/video/death-toll-rises-nyc-building-blast-22895191","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}