Debunking Fitness Myths: Standing Desks

Experts weigh in on whether standing desks at the office are really better for your body.
4:16 | 09/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debunking Fitness Myths: Standing Desks
To you to our fit myth series and this morning we're taking on the standing desk as one of the trends at the office now but is it really better are for your body? A story we first saw in "Wall Street journal" and ABC's Mara schiavocampo checked it out. Reporter: Michael, good morning. There are a lot of benefits to standing but new studies are finding that too much of anything isn't always better for you. It's the latest trend in workplace wellness, the standing desk. I stand about 50% of the time and then sit about 50% of the time. Reporter: Touted as a healthier alternative to sitting. ABC's Tory GE Lauren, his name is synonymous with red carpet glamour. Ralph Lauren des my dress. Ralph laura collection of labels bearing his name that have define American N. Ralph Lauren, the has edshap how America dresses every day. In the world of fashion Ralph has really been monumental in so many different ways, isn't just a brand or designer but name is so synonymous with a particular look. What americana is. You don't have to love fashion or know it but you know Ralph en. Reporter: It's been exported oallver the globe. Now a surprise announcement. Thepa comny that Lauren founded is naming a new CEO to run thempany. This has been such a run business for so even more calories. Reporter: But now new information suggests the news about standing desks isn't all good. The potential negatives about standing too long are swollen feet, painful ankles, knee problems, primarily musculoskeletal problems. Reporter: Experts adding the bottom line, balance is key. Sitting for a long time isn't great but standing for extended periods of time isn't great either. What you want to do is break up your day, sit a little, stand a little, walk a little, stretch a little. Reporter: And the bad news even regular exercise outside of the office isn't necessarily going to compensate for sitting too much. That's important to move around during the day. We just heard in the piece do it all, what should we do more, sit or stand. Too much of anything isn't a good thing because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Standing is going to be better for you but it has its own disadvantages and can lead to varicose veins and foot pain which any woman who's worn heels too long knows. It will burn more calories and increase your energy, health and posture. When it comes to sitting it can increase blood pressure, cardiovascular issues but it will help release stress, joint pain and you don't have to sit at a chair so let's get that ball in here. You see a lot of people using this. I'm starting to see this more and more. You can swap your chair in for a ball, and it will help with core, posture, all that. Sit on a stool. There are a lot of different things. Why is it that a ball would help with your posture. You're not leaning back. You're relying on your core to keep you straight, upright and focused on what you're doing. We talked about stretching. Let's get specific. Don't want to do anything for too long, sitting or standing so take sit breaks or standing breaks. If you're sitting for too long take standing breaks. "The Wall Street journal"'s article recommends for every 20 minutes you want to stand up for eight and stretch for two. Let's do many so of these stretches. These ladies have been sitting and standing for -- Quite a while. Good for text neck. Text neck. You know -- on your phone for too. Stretch your neck. It does feel good. From side to side and the other one you can do -- if I do it my baby bump will pop out. Stretch all the way back and this helps counterbalance this hunching that we all tend to do a lot so you kind of stretch it out. Used to fidget in the office. A little bit of standing, a little bit of staof sitting, get up and move around. You mentioned fidgeter. It's good for you. Tapping your foot, playing with your hair, counterbalances -- Mrs. Foster from fifth grade, I hope you're listening. Thanks, guy, can you go sit down. Lara is a big fidgeter. That's why we have to look out for the water glasses. Protein supplements,

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Experts weigh in on whether standing desks at the office are really better for your body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34146105","title":"Debunking Fitness Myths: Standing Desks","url":"/GMA/video/debunking-fitness-myths-standing-desks-34146105"}