Deliciously Cool Cocktails Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Bartender and mixologist John McCarthy shares his creative recipes for festive daiquiris.
3:25 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Deliciously Cool Cocktails Recipes for Hot Summer Days
-- -- very this summer at the featuring your backyard you can always enjoy the season with a nice cool drinks so we've got cocktail designer John McCarthy. From bathtub gin and cedar local he is right here in New York City to show us. Okay I had that free. I actually do it how you -- great we love you brought some cocktails with -- become a bartender by the -- Need to -- to do that -- you have to report card. -- star I started as a bar -- -- you're lifting kegs they're carrying -- up and down stairs and then little by little they like to make a buck soda. And they make it let's make a martini and the next thing you know I'm standing here with. You guys these -- areas in the campaign needs to win the inspiration -- and it that you read a weekly column -- -- food and wine which requires. A lot of creativity coming out about a lot of new idea all the -- -- you that was -- come from. Come from out out in the world out in the world than in honestly just. We -- travel alive today eat out alive I talk to people -- people give us ideas work it's a horrible horrible horrible. Today but -- hander -- -- -- -- traveling eating and drinking is literally. -- to meet cocktail okay. Because they look very interesting very fancy tell me about these invites what we have here we have our -- -- called mock tales so these are drinks. Minus the alcohol now -- -- to all of these things in the going to be fantastic for right now they're just refreshing. Last trying you're driving you're allowed to drink a -- drug you can taste it wanted to taste -- in the -- tell me what you think they are. -- go without it. That's the question -- -- -- on the -- -- -- will black pepper. Like I told didn't want his little daughter now to make it fancy making fun is this supposed to be -- on this thing that answer yeah. I don't know. Yeah battle it out a couple of levels in the water I would let the -- black pepper -- and watermelons look so easy to make chaired by the way you write in a blender. -- -- slow and put -- to a fine mesh strainer and you have what -- you season. It's fabulous in it so interesting because typically want -- to think of -- crazy pick up. Frozen -- right -- -- right now a lot that's going down that that is not a real -- -- real Zachary is fresh -- A little sweetener. And a good -- like the one -- happen. What makes -- that -- Will this -- is cast a sewage gets bodied character in minutes the -- is -- filtered so that it makes it smooth. So it has body -- -- character that's flavor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no reference know what that that there's great British newspaper that what great that this is I'm a little lemon and -- have a little honey. Thank you -- -- you can't take stock. I promise that any parent that we shared on the all these things are lemon honey and been -- yet. And that fact that -- we're district of ever made there's that there's a classic drink called the -- of students is out of New Orleans that is egg whites. Clean the orange blossom. Jeanne lemon juice and you have to shake it for like fifteen minutes to multiply and give it all together that's probably hundreds more and how did you feel when you think it. I felt great. Presented with a gun and and I had to do it all over again and it was another fifteen minutes before it could make flood thank you so much for making me -- their -- and --

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Bartender and mixologist John McCarthy shares his creative recipes for festive daiquiris.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24693655","title":"Deliciously Cool Cocktails Recipes for Hot Summer Days","url":"/GMA/video/deliciously-cool-cocktails-recipes-hot-summer-days-24693655"}