DeMarcus Ware Describes Super Bowl 50 Victory

The Broncos star led his team to victory over Cam Newtown and the Carolina Panthers.
3:22 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for DeMarcus Ware Describes Super Bowl 50 Victory
Joining us now, Demarcus ware, who was on the defense there with let me say this right, super bowl champion Denver broncos. Demarcus, great to see you, congratulations. It's your first super bowl appearance. It's a mom rabble one for you. How were you able -- your defense were able to do what ear teams weren't able to do shut down cam newton and the Carolina panthers. We had two weeks to prepare. It felt good, our preparation, on those trick plays and everything they did, they really helped out that week. Your team has had its ups and downs this season. But you were able to bring it together, what makes this team and this coaching staff so special, Demarcus? Everybody put in their piece to get where we are today. The pinnacle of the word teamwork It was a total team effort throughout the entire season. We saw that last night on display. You gave some emotional speeches to your teammates prior to the game. Apparently, it worked. What exactly did you say, Demarcus, to them? Just talking to the guys and I think the main thing is how hard it is to get here to the super bowl and you know, Peyton manning spoke before me and just talking about the years that he played and this is the shortcoming of this type of game and I said the same thing, I mean, what do you guys play for? What is your destiny? I said this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I told them about, you know, just Matthew 7:7 out of the bible. I told them, ask and you shall receive. We did that at the beginning of the season and god granted us the opportunity. It's February the 7th and it's 7-7 on Matthews, when you go to the casino, what does that mean? We hit the jackpot. Now we just got to go and receive our winnings. And you did, tenfold last night. We're anxiously waiting Peyton manning, if this was his last game or not. But what has it meant playing with a future hall of famer like Peyton manning? You know, you see -- you know, from a -- changes from one team to the next the adversity that he goes through all of his critics, and no matter what, you know, he's one of those guys when you look at him and you said you can't teach an old dog new tricks when you have been skirntsy through all those things. He's the leader of our team. We call him the sheriff and that's what he does. It's a great part to be a part of this history in my career. Well earned. Well deserved, Demarcus, enjoy the moment. You take care. Thank you for joining us you know I will. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The Broncos star led his team to victory over Cam Newtown and the Carolina Panthers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36784148","title":"DeMarcus Ware Describes Super Bowl 50 Victory","url":"/GMA/video/demarcus-ware-describes-super-bowl-50-victory-36784148"}