Demi Lovato on Katie

Singer, Actress and Author Demi Lovato Talks Positivity
2:32 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Demi Lovato on Katie
He's got a new book. Out -- staying strong in fact it comes out today and -- I was very honored. They ask you to write the introduction the -- -- bunch tell me at and I -- know what it's all about the that I read the Byron introduction but let me tell everyone else. Well -- stocks like. I was still honor and thank you Friday. Any -- very very thankful that we've gotten to connect on a personal level since HE a -- doing that it was really really incredible but whenever things that. -- -- And -- over the past couple years. Is a morning meditation I read out of -- book when he has. Quote. And then. At passage -- -- and then above for the dating back well you -- it. And he really pulled in dealing from a younger person's perspective you have a favorite -- I know that's in the block. My favorite -- I -- beginning of the book is be grateful for your -- because. There's a line. -- everybody has the story and everybody in this audience taking on everybody watching. Are you may have not under the same struggles that I as I have or maybe they have that everybody has been something. Cannot make that happen in the lives we all have a story we all have found a solution -- anywhere in the process of finding that -- -- and I trying to deal is give -- a little bit of inspiration every single day so that you can. You know overcome these feelings and just live your life and an amazing place -- -- very. Some -- because you've been incredibly busy how in the X-Factor going are -- having fun. I'm having found my son come highlight his cell -- -- now like I'm an author when did that happen again. This morning when he got the final copy it is like doing a press brands like -- why this is felony gun. I have a new thing I'm going on February -- -- -- to -- -- -- to leave him in -- and it's just like all of these things are coming together and it's incredible what. When he actually. Quite positive energy out there we just. Doing the medications I just ten minutes a -- things -- in the -- attracts positive energy in all of this came to -- when when he started really really dieting until. Trying to get him back like a better place.

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{"id":20953023,"title":"Demi Lovato on Katie","duration":"2:32","description":"Singer, Actress and Author Demi Lovato Talks Positivity","url":"/GMA/video/demi-lovato-katie-20953023","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}