Demi Lovato on Success of New Single

The singer discusses her latest single, her book and social media.
1:22 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for Demi Lovato on Success of New Single
My fans are incredible. They're incredible. You're incredible. This is the nicest day we've had here all year long. And it was a great surprise to see Cher Lloyd come out and sing with you. I love her. That's great. And you are having such an amazing year. Has any of it surprised you? You know what? I've worked really, really hard this year. And so, you know, the hard work is starreding to pay off. And I'm really happy about that. You should be. And not only with all your music. But your book goes straight to the top. That was crazy. I never expected that, by the way. So, thank you. It's so good to see you're really keeping up this commitment. I know you speak at an event here last night. Tell us about that. It was incredible. I got to speak. And I just talked about my -- you know what's funny is, it's easy for me because I'm just being honest. I've dealt a lot with mental illnesses. It's so important that we raise the awareness and start to incorporate it in schools and really make a difference. It is making a difference. Thank you for that.

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{"id":24024167,"title":"Demi Lovato on Success of New Single","duration":"1:22","description":"The singer discusses her latest single, her book and social media.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-lovato-singer-discusses-latest-single-24024167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}