Democrats Call to Delay Obamacare

Leaders want the healthcare law delayed until glitches with the website are fixed.
1:34 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democrats Call to Delay Obamacare
In washington, new trouble for obama care. The designer of the website in for a grilling on capitol hill, as more and more democrats are calling for the delay in the law until the problems plaguing the website preventing people from getting health insurance are fixed. Jon karl at the white house. The white house was clear, that no one gets a penalty, as long as they sign up early next year. Reporter: Under the law, you can be personal snalized if you don't HAVE INSURANCE BY MARCH 31st. As long as you have enrolled, you won't be penalized, even if your health insurance doesn't take effect until a later date. But this is a clarification, not an extension. A lot of people on capitol hill, including now many democrats, are saying the administration should delay that mandate for a full year because of all of the computer problems. And the white house is saying, at least for now, they will not do that. But the website designers are going to get hammered on capitol hill today, about all of the problems? Reporter: No question about that. We've seen the prepared testimony for this hearing. What they are saying, part of the blame is with the white house, with the administration, for changing what they wanted. And putting in a last-minute change that said that people have to register first before they can look and compare how much the plans cost. There's been questions whether or not the white house should have pushed ahead to meet the original october 1st deadline, or should have known that the problems were there. Reporter: It's quite clear, at least from the insurance company side of things, this was NOT READY TO GO ON OCTOBER 1st. And people in the industry knew it wasn't going to be ready to go. Jon karl, thanks very much.

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{"id":20666708,"title":"Democrats Call to Delay Obamacare","duration":"1:34","description":"Leaders want the healthcare law delayed until glitches with the website are fixed.","url":"/GMA/video/democrats-call-delay-obamacare-20666708","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}