Dempsey Joins Small Coffee Chain in Starbucks Battle

"Grey's Anatomy" star helps save jobs after joining forces with a popular coffee chain.
1:36 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dempsey Joins Small Coffee Chain in Starbucks Battle
patrick dempsey, known for saving lives on "grey's anatomy." But a new role is brewing when he went up against starbucks to rescue a local coffee chain about to collapse. Take a look. I'm not going out with you. Reporter: On "grey's anatomy" patrick dempsey's character is used to winning hearts. ♪ Reporter: He's also familiar with saving lives in the operating room. I need to save lives. A spinal fracture. Reporter: But dempsey's latest role is investor. Trying to save the seattle-based tully's coffee chain. And going up against starbucks to do it. Great people here. With the success of the show, there's a fondness in this community. Reporter: It seemed like a classic david versus goliath. And it looks like the little guys may have won again. Last night, dempsey tweeting, we met the green monster, looked her in the eye and she blinked. We got it. Dempsey's goal, saving tully's 500 workers from unemployment. I think some of the players involved in this deal want to take those jobs away. And you're looking at an economy that's really rough. And you're looking at jobs. We stopped by one of the stores yesterday, and the employees are deeply concerned. Reporter: After that house call to atully's coffee house, he tweeted out this photo and made one barista's day. So involved in trying to buy the company, as well. He wants to be involved with his employees, as well, too. Reporter: Hear hear, patrick dempsey. Tully's is delicious coffee. And now, we all get to try it.

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{"id":18130406,"title":"Dempsey Joins Small Coffee Chain in Starbucks Battle","duration":"1:36","description":"\"Grey's Anatomy\" star helps save jobs after joining forces with a popular coffee chain.","url":"/GMA/video/patrick-dempsey-joins-small-coffee-chain-starbucks-turf-18130406","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}