Dennis Rodman 'Friends' With Kim Jong Un

The basketball player is the first American to meet the North Korean leader.
2:14 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dennis Rodman 'Friends' With Kim Jong Un
very odd and rather stunning couple in the news this morning. Basketball hall of famer dennis rodman, making international headlines, becoming the first american to meet north korean leader kim jong-un. File this under the strangest but the truest. Abc's claire shipman has more, now, in washington. Good morning to you, claire. Reporter: Good morning, josh. Maybe it's an updated take on that cold-war ping-pong diplomacy. The match-up is bizarre. But both personalities are so quirky, it almost makes a strange sort of sense. It's a long way to go for a bromance. It's my first time. Most these guys' first time. Reporter: American bad boy nba hall of famer dennis rodman. And worldwide bad boy, dictator, kim jong-un. Two guys, sharing a lot of laughs in north korea. Nding at a harlem globetrot globetrotters exhibition game. The north korean leader is a passionate basketball found. Sushi at the leader's palace. The theme song, the theme of "dallas." The courtship made the front page of the newspaper. Rodman assured his new pal, he has a friend for life. Apparently, it's basketball diplomacy. An hbo producer brought rodman and a few globetrotters to pyongyang as part of a new documentary series. This is a basketball game. And it's a basketball game designed to bring about dialogue. Reporter: Always over-the-top, remember the hair? The wedding dress? North korea may be the only place rodman is considered a diplomat. He's now the first american to meet the north korean leader. An honor not even given to the head of google recently. Administration sources say the get together game as a surprise. We don't think the timing of this is particularly helpful. Reporter: Especially just a few weeks after the north koreans conducted a highly-provocative nuclear test. Rodman tweeted, I'm not a politician. Kim jong-un and north korean people are basketball fans. Kim jong-un says he hopes the visit will break the ice between the two countries. Rodman reportedly invited him for a visit to the united states. That got a huge laugh from the dictator, robin.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"The basketball player is the first American to meet the North Korean leader.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18626968","title":"Dennis Rodman 'Friends' With Kim Jong Un","url":"/GMA/video/dennis-rodman-friends-north-korean-leader-kim-jong-18626968"}