Dental Spa Offers Checkup with Massage

A new full service spa caters to every comfort along with your dental cleaning.
3:08 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Dental Spa Offers Checkup with Massage
You get stressed out when you're the dentist -- guys I can't -- get nasty politics. I would. Can't stand it actually I hate to go. Maybe we would change our minds if -- -- his chair was actually us bond set up as well just think about her relaxing. Kids in with everything else that goes on I don't know what to block out the sound of the drill beyond military -- more. -- most of us think of going to the dentist this is what we imagine. It's. Very light of the high pitched sounds that make us squirm. Not exactly a fun day. They are about thirty to forty million Americans who suffer from you know anxiety. And I wanted to do everything I -- end to make those clients feel like the and that -- -- -- Her name is April Patterson a dentist whose patients affectionately call her doctor -- But when you come to doctor -- dental boutique in Fort Lauderdale, Florida quickly realized that this is not your father's dentist's office. I offer high paying quality dental services along with full mile -- services including facials -- sides. Full body treatments. Semi permanent Alice -- and we also have a brown eyes that specializes in the moderates say eat something he hair removal ready for high definition Brown's. Christina Carter came in today to get her braces off but while she's here she's also scheduled a facial. Have been they have actually my house at her when stocks -- I can get my pan over time and heightened confidence -- and it's highs and just relax when your virginity tests. And I had everything when. I think he had great example of how officers this kind of work together -- -- coming years ahead and do -- years. Com becoming an hour early they can have a -- -- -- -- whether. Actually think that that they -- decided in the procedure. He's here philosophy that it. You know maybe everything's routed from smile vanished have been -- the -- things we -- -- isn't just for women. Andrew Heller came to doctor Patti depicted smiled and blocked out looking like a new man -- interest in -- years but we wanted to look at him comprehensively. And it just. You know the Delaware but also sensational -- you give him the idea -- Botox absolutely accidents. How black homes has incredible and it's very. He looks like getting younger man and doctor Patti put filler around Andrews mouth to lift an enhanced his smile and a little Botox in the forehead and had a. -- -- -- and I'm thrilled that turned -- you can far better than ever imagined but took her tremendous in my. To get me to do more to influence enhancing. People are excited there's something that -- some minutes. They don't feel like -- and their offerings and why it's easy to focus on the spot aspects and dismiss -- -- the bad. Doctor -- says there's something much more important that more. This is not just about eat this is all about building confidence and changing lives and then there's me and pat yeah. --

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{"id":18073797,"title":"Dental Spa Offers Checkup with Massage","duration":"3:08","description":"A new full service spa caters to every comfort along with your dental cleaning.","url":"/GMA/video/dental-spa-offers-checkup-massage-18073797","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}