Denzel Washington Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'

The Academy Award-winning actor is live in Times Square to discuss his role in the remake of the classic western.
5:33 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Denzel Washington Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'
Seven theme. Because we've got Denzel Washington. Let's take a look at it. Movable man they fell back to assess. What's is name claim that moment game losing Daniel Harrison. Sometime in goes by the name didn't. I. That's still does 32 Manuel wanted to guys in new Magnum in the seventh. A Spanish kid. He can he's out does all of its biggest Menem this way eaten but but they think you've mastered you you went everywhere with you actually get you just practice all day every day. Are you in meetings with the you want Mellish McDonald a. The world. Nobody did would you do you get to put into practice you you with your horse every day news. You know I like that you're part of the clean shaven right now it we love this look. Oh I think quoted comment on every. I want you all good news no white hate it happened. Oh wasn't so let me Nicole's side. All is all good. But job isn't meant and how about the idea what's it yeah. How to Paula that your wife like that. Say. Was she understood jumpsuit before. With Clinton but the kid reminds them used to love Weston season what Weston we have family me yeah is that what drew you to something I'm watching bonanza. And I knew I hated it want to make of that yet go to bed. Brad afterwards Ed Sullivan a bit adds it can go to bed and had costs off Mike Gatti wanna be and I'm like he'd gone but the I always like hop sing that was my guy in the health club Bob saying it. And that and other. Isn't a reboot I remember they are their original one this one is so I'm I love the cast we all loved the sea just this different people from all walks of life. It doesn't really speak to this new generation. You need just Muhammad different element of hope we you know what actually speaks at a reality. In the 1870s. You know we added that if that's more typical been. You know movies of the Wyndham fifties and forties where they should lose nobody look like ghost. But they didn't shall we remand we remember that it was about 1960 that's what's so great in the region that the yeah that's me. Why can't speak for the director but it wasn't like oh we gonna do this for that reason. I mean I just want to be inquiries press movie. Delineated in the until the same way. A sailor. There are a lot of guys here tomorrow okay by the very very diverse cast in Dublin and I loved the movie and I'd be interacts with everybody when his movie in. You know speaking of of sports and you've exports got a season you saw thanks to John David mom ball all the exit we look at professional football players well. But I heard you give a pep talk. 21 cowboys old rivals the cowboy yes and what did you tell them. I told them the time is now. It's like let's go. Pick it up pick it up you know I've been a cowboy fans since the sixties. OK so goes if they used to ship they had old ship they would they would do it isn't it made the dead so Ed and they have high hopes for the Tim. So when I was a running back until last so Gale Sayers I wanted to beat Bob hate so what 22. Then Russell Gayle safest when for the bears and I want to be gales place. You know I wanna be Jim brown and I want to be you don't Sagan. About a more jails they inside them into big. So I've always been a cowboy up and and unlike a lot of people I stick my team and very. I Smith what my big. You're from mountain burdens off from New York like the giants then what did you not only has since the sixteenth you can stay with the county way. Cannot act I wish I had a chance. FF FF. The football I mean it's it's wonderful but I want to talk about some of the Boys and Girls Club. So all very important thing you've been working with them for from many many decades grant what does that relation well I you know. I'm Maine did they the most dangerous time of the day for young children is between three and six after school hip. Because most times parents are working or or whatever so. I grew up in the club annals of boys club down the Boys and Girls Club so I can speak honestly about what it did for me houses tellem Michael Wynne when I was a kid they took us to Yankee Stadium moved to meet the giants. When you know we had different programs so was just a positive place a safe place. The statistics show that. Beatty is the kids that were open the club's graduate and then highway from high school and from college so every way it's it's just good thing.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"The Academy Award-winning actor is live in Times Square to discuss his role in the remake of the classic western.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42185227","title":"Denzel Washington Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/denzel-washington-talks-magnificent-gma-42185227"}