Derrick Coleman Hopes to Inspire Kids to Overcome Obstacles

The hearing-impaired Seattle Seahawks fullback is out with his inspirational memoir, "No Excuses."
4:24 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for Derrick Coleman Hopes to Inspire Kids to Overcome Obstacles
Now to a truly inspirational story, derrick Coleman of the Seattle seahawks. One of the few haearing-impaired football players. It's out today. Deborah Roberts spent some time with him. Reporter: He does the NFL proud. Though he can't hear the calls on the field or the crowds cheering him on, he doesn't miss a thing on the field or off. Coleman taking it to the end zone! Reporter: 24-year-old derrick Coleman is living his dream. A fullback with the Seattle seahawks and a super bowl champ. Why was the NFL such a destination for you? It wasn't so much the NFL it was more of proving everybody wrong. Reporter: Few would have expected Coleman to wind up here, deaf since childhood he's the only third hearing-impaired player to reach the NFL. At what point did you realize you were different? Honestly, I never truly realized that I'm different, I just accepted who I am. Reporter: But some of the kids treated you differently. You were bullied a little bit. I remember one is dent, five girls came and they attacked him and they ended up losing his hearing AIDS. I went and knocked on some doors that day to make sure the bullying kind of stopped. Reporter: But his childhood was mostly a happy one. Thanks to parents who refused to let him be victimized. She looked me in the eye and said, don't let people to do that. Why are you going to let somebody else mess up how you feel about yourself. Reporter: He learned to read lips gaining confidence. He won a scholarship to ucla and began dreaming an improbable dream. Joining the NFL. He wasn't drafted. But was soon spotted by coach Pete Carroll who thought the talented fullback was perfect for the seahawks. He has done nothing but to bring it to light that you can do whatever you want to do. Reporter: Did you feel like you had a disability when you were growing up? Not until I got to junior in high school when I started realizing it's not a disability it's an advantage. Reporter: An advantage? How? I can turn people on and off whenever I want. They told me it couldn't be done. Reporter: It wasn't football that wonderic national acclaim, it was a little commercial that he made for duracell. 22 million views. Can you believe that this thing went viral? No. Everybody in the world got a problem. I have been deaf since I was 3. So, I didn't listen. Reporter: It's a message that resonates. I get the impression that reaching out to kids is really important to you. I want them to know, one, you're not alone. Number two, we can do anything. Amazing guy. He's been known to show up at schools and surprise kids who can use a little inspiration. On the field, though, it's serious business. The seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson knows that he has to lock eyes with derrick and communicate each play and it's teamwork that pays off. Made it to the super bowl. He's such a great guy and it's all about no excuses. When he says an autograph, no excuse and he has a great sense of humor. You asked him if he ever fantasized about not being hearing impaired. He wouldn't trade it for anything. He has to work harder and communic communicate more. Once again, no excuses. You got it. All right, deb, thank you. Final check of the weather now with ginger. Hey, robin, we're starting in

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The hearing-impaired Seattle Seahawks fullback is out with his inspirational memoir, \"No Excuses.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31465450","title":"Derrick Coleman Hopes to Inspire Kids to Overcome Obstacles","url":"/GMA/video/derrick-coleman-hopes-inspire-kids-overcome-obstacles-31465450"}