Design Sponge: Lifestyle Guru Grace Bonney Talks New Book

The lifestyle blogger behind the wildly popular site Design Sponge is live in Times Square to discuss her book "In the Company of Women," and she shares design tips for enhancing your office space.
4:23 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Design Sponge: Lifestyle Guru Grace Bonney Talks New Book
Joining me now as grace Bonnie she's been called in Martha Stewart on colonials as pretty pretty I don't highlight. She's got a hugely popular design blog. It's called designs sponge mining giant fan and that. And now a new book celebrating on screen doors and it's called in the company of women it is terrific springer about some design tips coming up but first here's a look. I graces journey. Meet grace Bonnie. After yeah sanitation begin to cap. The pioneer lifestyle blogger behind the wildly popular site designs bonds since two dozen four she's inspired her nearly two million daily readers with tips for home. DIY food and travel. In 2008 she parlay that success into a national series of meet ups for female entrepreneur orders which lives on as a weekly column on her site. Now in her new book but he's taking that conversation a step further and listing over 100 makers artist and entrepreneur or is. From diverse walks of life to share their stories hoping Jim how arrears on their own path. Just success. Okay. But here is very funny. Interviewed for this but each of mountain a rock star in their own right wary hoping you ask the same questions pretty much of each of them. What are you hoping that that these guys the readers. Get out of this I am hoping that every single woman whether you're younger are all are invaders take him like an open that page and see someone who reflects who you are. That inspires U to follow. All of your drink it's it's really true and I I and spent a lot of time reading and so adjusting to hear. How people. We found their passion what the most important things in and is in the workspace and mean that there really are such inspiring tips and I didn't. Notice they had to sneak a little design and you get enough following all of these women are photographed in their workspace. And I want to take you over here but as we had a little bit clever. The GMI with a great greatest pop Steen we'll. How important is it to have your unique feel and up pop of creativity in your workspace this is sort of what money looks like nothing you know I love design it haven't gotten there yet but this is. Com's assuming not Greece Bonnie. Of approved its season now this is ready bar out of the kind of place I can see you working hand me when I get to it. Stays there and I can there's my daughter. I don't know why is this going to bring up that the greater you. When your in space that's exciting and inspiring and makes you felt comforted you do your best work. So this is why we focus on adding an inspiration board with us if your family and makes you feel supported and comfort him and you're happy that's. We also focused on adding these great pops of color with banks and energy at around. And then one of my favorite thing that always fresh flowers are plants it really kind of brings in some some break fresh energy. And then my favorites have is this a fabric on the back off. And you can have the most boring cubicle in the world and still make it exciting by just adding pushed Hansen adding a little bit a pattern in the back on everything you can push. Your all of your work Montrose right into that not a reading it. So like wallpaper or a wall where people get frat too if you don't wanna spend money on wallpaper and fast track that's great you have so many great. Back to develop this when I think have you I think design this book is more of an inspirational book. Pat how did to how would do and how do you think it together a prisoner needs. Business and design and always gone hand in hand that primarily because I've spent so many years talking about. Amazingly beautiful things that I found the people behind those things in their stories. We're so much more fascinating inspiring and I wanted to collect a really diverse collection. Of those stories and one place so that everyone could go back to it and really kind of find their path to success and how I feel when you were called the Martha Stewart not millennial style hello hello. And I don't we all I want her shoe collection yeah. Isn't looking perfect and so are you and this book is who so inspiring. I love that you took the time to do it please more books to come after it and it and that blog design this finds you guys have and the name of the book in the country.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The lifestyle blogger behind the wildly popular site Design Sponge is live in Times Square to discuss her book \"In the Company of Women,\" and she shares design tips for enhancing your office space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42634061","title":"Design Sponge: Lifestyle Guru Grace Bonney Talks New Book","url":"/GMA/video/design-sponge-lifestyle-guru-grace-bonney-talks-book-42634061"}