Designer Denim vs. Bargain Blue Jeans: Can You Tell the Difference?

"GMA" puts denim to the test to judge the difference between super-chic and super-cheap.
3:57 | 07/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Designer Denim vs. Bargain Blue Jeans: Can You Tell the Difference?
Also burning up the "Heat index" we're talking about designer denim. It can range from $22 to over 200 but can you tell the difference and is it worth it? Well, I'll tell you I have my favorite pair on and I'll tell you just how much -- You did change. I did change. Designer or bargain? The first from Mara schiavocampo. Reporter: Jean, the all-american wardrobe staple with one in four women saying they own more than ten pairs. But finding that perfect pair can be downright daunting. With lots of styles, trends and costly price tags what's really the difference between super cheap and super chic? A higher quality Jean will last you for years and years and years. And in the long run you're probably saving money that way. Reporter: Lifestyle website refinery29 took on the denim debate and says, expensive jeans are typically better made from quality cotton rivets and button and have a higher stitch count. Bargain, lower quality fabric with a low stitch count more likely to tear and touchily have lower distressing quality or not at all. Your typical $0 pair of jeans are going to sag and stretch out within a couple of wears. They're probably not going to have any embellishments on them. Reporter: Do you get the bang for your buck? We hit the streets to see if people could tell the difference between the $20 and $200 pair. Which do you think is cheap and which do you think is chic? Cheap, chic. I think these are expensive. These are more expensive. Reporter: You are right. I want those ones. That's amazing. Those are 00. So good. Look at that. You got it right. I didn't. Reporter: Expensive differences that can be hard to spot. For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, new York. And here with me now style director at "Good housekeeping" magazine, Lori bergamotto. I got these pair of Jean, saw them in the store and actually didn't look at the price tag. Put them on to the counter, guess how much they told me they cost. I don't know they're a pretty good pair. How much? $14.99. That's impressive. You're advanced. Bravo. Very proud of this. Can you tell the difference typically. Well, Amy, we'll take it to the audience and see what they think. We want to know, audience, which jeans are the more expensive pair. Is it "A" or is it "B." Hold up your paddles? What do we think, "A," a lot of B's. Do you want to weigh in. I think "B." The answer is "A," folks. You have here $178 pair of jeans and Gina in a pair of $10 jeans from H&M. Look at that, $10. Pretty impressive. What's your advice? Is it worth $170. What are you getting for that? Generally when things are more expensive they're made in America but you can find a pair of good jeans for 10 bucks. Three things to look for, stretch. You want to look for jeans that, yes, contour to your body and have stretch. A good ratio, 98% cotton to 2% lycra or spandex, okay. You don't want them to look like the pajama Jean. Two is the wash. You are defying this because you're in a lighter wash. Maybe you are not fashion forward. You are so you want to look for something in a darker wash more flattering and the whip stitching, the stitching on the pocket. You want to make sure it's present but not pronounced. Present but not pronounced. Very good tips, Lori bergamotto, thanks very much.

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{"id":32514406,"title":"Designer Denim vs. Bargain Blue Jeans: Can You Tell the Difference?","duration":"3:57","description":"\"GMA\" puts denim to the test to judge the difference between super-chic and super-cheap.","url":"/GMA/video/designer-denim-bargain-blue-jeans-difference-32514406","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}