Designers Transform Ugly Holiday Sweaters Into Trendy Pants

'Swants' take fashion world by storm this holiday season, launched by viral video.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Designers Transform Ugly Holiday Sweaters Into Trendy Pants
Let's talk about the hottest trend or at least we'd like to think it is. For christmas. We love ugly holiday sweaters. We don't think they're ugly. Not at all. We can't wait to show you ours on monday. The big competition. Right now, they're getting new legs. And abc's sara haines is here with the story. Reporter: Thanks, lara. In recent years, we've seen recent trends in legwear. I'm going to call it now, the pants of the year of 2014, swants, sweater pants. I got a chance to try on some for size and see what all of the buzz is all about. Meet steve and kylie. They're looking to take holiday cheer to a whole, new level, one stitch at a time, thanks to their yuletide creation, swants. You heard me right. Swants. Holiday sweaters, turned into pants. This was a sweater. And now, it is a swant. Now, you can wear more sweaters at once. You can show up to your holiday sweater party. Everyone has one sweater on. You can show up with two sweaters on. And everyone's like -- Reporter: The legwear became an internet sensation this fall, when steve and kylie posted their homage to swants, the swants dance. The video went viral. Leaving "cosmo" to make notice. It if ugly sweaters are the stuff that movie scenes are made of, could swants be behind? I enlisted kylie and steve's help, to transform my sweaters into an ensemble, complete with snowflakes in all the right places. Then, I took to the streets. Love it. Reporter: On a first date. Girl shows up in swants, go. I would hope you would bring a second pair of swants. Reporter: The verdict? A resounding victory for swants. The holiday pants I can promise you will make you want to dance. Come on, guys. They make you want to dance. George, don't you want a pair? Five or six. I would pay to see george stephanopoulos in swants. Can I ask a question. Is that a dicky? That's a complement. A dicky goes with a pair of swants. That's a beautiful outfit. I was wondering how this might get even worse. It keeps your neck warm, george. Coming up, everybody, a

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{"id":21205892,"title":"Designers Transform Ugly Holiday Sweaters Into Trendy Pants ","duration":"3:00","description":"'Swants' take fashion world by storm this holiday season, launched by viral video.","url":"/GMA/video/designers-transform-ugly-holiday-sweaters-trendy-pants-21205892","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}