'Despierta America' Gets Serious About Soaps

The morning show hosts rehash all the twists and turns in their "Soap Opera Club."
3:29 | 10/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Despierta America' Gets Serious About Soaps
Okay, now something that you might only see on "despierta america." Getting serious about the telenovela. An exclusive club where they rehash twists and turns. It's a boys only club at that. Complete with those incredible blazers. Let's look what really happen ifs the soap opera club. Reporter: There's only one place where the drama in the morning might be more out of control than that in prime time. We are the -- it's like being buddies together. Like, you know, you're my paparrino. No, you are. Reporter: And every day, on "despierta america" nay gather for a rather surprising moment. Breaking down the best moment in their telenovela. You never see people, I mean, men, watching soap operas, right? We like watching. And there's no -- there's no problem with it. It's true. We love it. Ah! Reporter: One must be knighted by this all-powerful remote control. To be par of a fraternity, you need to do initiation process. Some people hit us with bats. Some people hit us with sticks. Some used electricity. We used a remote control. Reporter: Once initiated, they get to wear the blue blazers. Just like here on "gma," no prop is off limits. The horse is our -- our mascot. Bye, guys. Bye, "good morning america." Oh, yeah. We have some -- I mean this is no wedding. This is no christening. This is a coronation of sorts. Seconds ago, sam, in fact, joined this very exclusive club. The drama. It's a fraternity. All of us, whoever wants to be part of it needs to be initiated. First of all, we need a jacket. Like the blue jacket. What color is that? It has seared my retinas. It's blue. Royal blue. Navy blue. It reflects the word guys. The word men. We have a huge remote oh, yes. Never a guy without a big remote control. It's here, guys. What's happening? Looking good, guys. Are we okay? Got to go over it. I got a mike on. We have five seconds. Put the jacket on. My jacket's on. Three, two, one. Live from wcvb-tv, channel 5,

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{"id":20701726,"title":"'Despierta America' Gets Serious About Soaps","duration":"3:29","description":"The morning show hosts rehash all the twists and turns in their \"Soap Opera Club.\"","url":"/GMA/video/despierta-america-soap-operas-20701726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}