Must-See Destinations for 2015 Travel

Take a look at some travel destinations that are fun, fascinating and won't break the bank.
3:47 | 01/01/15

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Transcript for Must-See Destinations for 2015 Travel
The new year brings fresh perspectives and horizons. And highlight some of the best travel destinations for 2015. Fun, fascinating trips that won't break the bank. And joined by Pauline, editorial director of the farmers guide book, the travel brand. Welcome to "Good morning America." A pleasure to be here. Happy new year. Yes, we're very excited. And I want to make travel a bigger part of my kids 2015. I love the fact you hit the ground running with journalists going to the destinations and taking a allgood look for your customers. We have journalists over the world, 15 spots. First spot in the U.S., Asheville. I love Asheville. Amazing place, glorious natural setting, important historic sites. Picking it because the sketchy Riverside area has been totally redone. The estate there. Thanks to the new Belgium brewe brewery, pouring in millions of dollars into the area, making new parks, artists collectives, farmers markets -- I'm sold. So many great towns around it that you can go to hiking. I've been there once or twice. It has the most breweries per capita. How about some more traditional destinations? We like Washington, D.C. This year. Well, actually, we also like South Dakota. South Dakota's going to have two rallies this year. The first one is the 50th anniversary of the Buffalo roundup. You're going to see 1200 buffs rumbling into sight. The most in north America. Absolutely astounding. And another rumbling sound, the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Which will see 1 million bikers descend on South Dakota. That's more than the population of South Dakota. Pure American fun there. Very intriguing. That's a great trip for the kids. Just one of those you never forget. And mount Rushmore too. And hotels and places to stay. That's a part of the country people aren't familiar with. They're not expensive, you can do an affordable vacation in South Dakota. See so much from west to east, it's completely different from side to side. What about abroad? Belize this year. I like that suggestion. It got put on the map by "Breaking bad." Saul said send them to bee leez, talking about bumping off a character. But this is a life-affirming area. Glorious, pristine rain forests, gorgeous nature, incredible water sports. But it also has mayan ruins. Climbing to the top of mayan pyramids, swimming into caves where ancient art facts are Cal si if ied to the floor. Should be in museums. Is there a place to stay? A family vacation? It's definitely a family vacation. I took my family, they felt it was the most fun ever. Go to the district to see the temples, go to the key, or a beach holiday. Very affordable, really, really great. You have sold -- Are you hiring? Yeah. We're always hiring. We have writers all over the world. One last Belize question, are the flights easy? Direct flights and New York? She's taking notes right now. Usually the flights are direct from Charlotte and other gatew gateways, not from New York. But not too expensive to get there. Thank you so much, Pauline. Appreciate it. Making plans. Inspired. And coming up, Mario batali

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{"id":27946102,"title":"Must-See Destinations for 2015 Travel","duration":"3:47","description":"Take a look at some travel destinations that are fun, fascinating and won't break the bank.","url":"/GMA/video/destinations-2015-travel-27946102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}