Details Emerge From Inside Plane Forced to Land in Hail Storm

The flight made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport.
4:09 | 08/09/15

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Transcript for Details Emerge From Inside Plane Forced to Land in Hail Storm
finest. Follow-up to those stunning images we saw, this plane's windshield cracked after flying through a hailstorm. They landed the aircraft blind. There are new details about that emergency landing and the frightened passengers praying onboard. ABC's Mary Bruce is at JFK airport with the story this morning. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. We're hearing new recordings this morning revealing the moments inside the cockpit and back in the cabin, packed with terrified passengers. When delta flight takes off from Boston bound for Salt Lake City, almost an hour late, passengers think their travel headaches are over. It's roughly three hours into the flight, when a passenger notices something it's not quite right. We're having a hard time here. Reporter: The flight ran into an unexpectedly dangerous storm. Hail is pounding down on the airbus. The sound, defendantening. Nearby, another plane is experiencing the same turbulence. Getting rolled 40 degrees left to right. Reporter: Growing more fearful, Tim Wessman more fearful. In the cockpit, pilots sending an urgent message of their own. We have no weather radar. That's out, too. Reporter: The hail continues to pummel the aircraft. Becoming so intense it cracks the outer windshield. The pilot now unable to see. Our windshield is pretty severely damaged. Reporter: The pilots forced to make a dramatic, emergency landing in Denver, almost four hours after taking off. Now, despite this extremely scary bumpy ride, just one passenger was take on the the hospital with minor injuries. Paula. Remarkable considering those images. For some perspective, we want to bring in colonel Steve ganyard from Washington, good morning. So this could have happened to any win of us. Why were they were able to detect this hailstorm before flying directly into it. Hail doesn't show up well on radar, this was night, so they couldn't see. There were no visual cues for that. Two storms coming quickly. Another interesting thing here is the pilots aren't allow to access the internet from the cockpit. You could be sitting in that back of the plane looking at realtime weather. Pilots can't access that. If you put internet access into the cockpit, it opens up a chance that some part of that airplane can be hacked. If internet is good but the internet also has some things that are bad. The pilots dealing with Lim limited visibility. How dangerous was this situation? Well, it's obviously never good when your nose is punched in and you can't see out of the front of the plane. The technology on airplanes is coming down, even mid size aircraft have a auto land capability. Even though the pie lots couldn't see out of the front of the airplane, they could type in and coordinate and program this airplane to come in to Denver, land and stop itself. What was really a scary situation ended up being fairly routine due to the technology. When these pilots deserve a huge bonus, kudos to them. Thanks, Steve. We'll turn now to a new police shooting of an unarmed

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The flight made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32973692","title":"Details Emerge From Inside Plane Forced to Land in Hail Storm","url":"/GMA/video/details-emerge-inside-plane-forced-land-hail-storm-32973692"}