New Details in Prince's Death

The singer's inner circle was reportedly trying to get Prince help for what they believed as a painkiller addiction.
3:55 | 05/05/16

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Transcript for New Details in Prince's Death
The latest on the mystery surrounding prince's death. The U.S. Attorney's office and Dea are now joining the investigation as we learn more about a California doctor who says he was called to help the superstar with an addiction problem. ABC's Eva pilgrim has the story ♪ this is what is sounds like when doves cry ♪ Reporter: This morning new details about the morning prince was found dead in his paisley park estate. ABC affiliate KSTP confirming with law enforcement sources close to the investigation say percocet was found in prince's system, this as ABC news learns the singer's inner circle was trying to get him help for an addiction to painkillers and called Dr. Howard Kornfeld. Kornfeld who runs a Kline he can and is an expert sent someone on a life-saving mission. Did prince know about the intervention? Yes. Reporter: He couldn't meet him to Friday but sent Andrew, a me med student who works in his clinic on a red-eye to Minneapolis. Andrew was the one to call 911 after he and two of prince's staffers found his body. The hope was to get him stabilized in Minnesota and convince him to come to recovery without walls in mill valley. Reporter: According to Kornfeld's lawyer he was on buprennorphrine. The medicine was never used. What's unclear is why treatment wasn't sought closer to home. The premiere addiction treatment center in the united States is four miles from paisley park. Whenever addicts and celebrity addicts get special care, the outcomes are substandard. The standard of care is the standard for a reason. When you mess with that, bad outcomes. Reporter: This morning the Dea and U.S. Attorney general's office helping local authorities as they try to figure out how prince got prescriptions for painkillers and if he died of an overdose. For "Good morning America," Eva pilgrim, ABC news, chanhassen, Minnesota. Our thanks to Eva. ABC's chief legal analyst Dan Abrams joins us now. Let's pick up on what Eva reported about the doctor and sending his premed son out to Minnesota. They retained a lawyer and are very public about this. What is the legal matter here. The lawyer is saying the reason I'm here is we were told there was some sort of criminal investigation and we don't know all the fact, et cetera, the only thing I can think of based on what we know today is the son carrying the drug. Why was he there with it? He's not a doctor, et cetera. I don't see that becoming much of an issue in and of itself. Their claim is that they were bringing -- he was bringing it so that he could give it to a doctor who was going to be treating prince the next day, doesn't seem to me that's a big thing to investigate but when you get in these high-profile case, they want to cover all of the bases on something like this. So I'm not surprised, "A" they're saying there is an investigation, I'm not surprised "B" they have a lawyer representing them. But don't necessarily expect any criminal charges. You don't think they're in any legal jeopardy there. Could anybody though? That's the question. When you talk about cases where there's possible overdose, every doctor who ever prescribed prince with any kind of controlled substance has got to be nervous right now. In a high-profile case, they're going to be looking at anyone and everyone so that's where I think that there could be Poe emp potential legal jeopardy. And the feds and Dea. It has to do something with that emergency flight that landed in Illinois the week before, crossing state lines, FAA issues, you know, those are the sorts of things I think the feds would be looking at. All right, Dan, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The singer's inner circle was reportedly trying to get Prince help for what they believed as a painkiller addiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38895751","title":"New Details in Prince's Death","url":"/GMA/video/details-princes-death-38895751"}