Diana Nyad Tries to Swim from Cuba to Florida

The long-distance swimmer is making her fifth attempt at the incredible feat.
4:32 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for Diana Nyad Tries to Swim from Cuba to Florida
Thanks for that. We turn to long distance swimmer diana nyad on the verge of fulfilling quite a dream. She is trying for a fifth and what she had said final time to become the first person to ever swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. Now, at the moment she is closer than she has ever been before with dangerous jellyfish that had foiled her previous attempt held at bay and abc's alex perez in the flesh has the latest on this attempt. What an attempt, guys. This could be it. This could be the big one. Josh, this time around she has a few new tools helping her dope with the jellyfish swimming for more than 44 hour as and at last word less than ten miles away from reaching key west. Overnight she donned a jellyfish protection suit and paddled not only into the most dangerous part of her journey but what she hopes will be history. Let's make it all the way. Reporter: Nyad, now 64 is attempting the unthinkable again. Whoo-hoo! Reporter: For the fifth time she is trying to navigate the strait from cuba to the florida keys without a shark cage. It's 103 miles of pure torture. But this morning she's made it further than ever before just miles from shore. Aided by a form-fitting mask. A newly repelling cream both designed to ward off jellyfish stings. Thanks to a strong current she's traveling nearly two miles an hour. My adrenaline is pumping very hard which means that in one-half I'm excited and feel confident. I did all the training, the body is ready, the mind is ready, on the other hand I admit I'm scared. Reporter: It's a dream 35 years in the making. Her first attempt came back in 1978 at just 28 years old. She tried again in 2010, 2011 and twice in 2012. Each time dehydration, overwhelming exhaustion and encounters with those poisonous jellyfish forced her to abandon her mission. I really pictured it and i knew I could do it but I just couldn't get there. Reporter: This morning something seems different. A little closer. Reporter: And nyad's team says if anyone can do it, she can. This is what she wants to do. She has set her mind to do it and she's going to do it. Reporter: Now at this point she's so tired she had to stop and tread water. Her team on a boat following alongside her making sure she's safe and anticipate she could reach key west by late afternoon. As you might imagine, guy, everyone is watching her and, of course, rooting for her. She could take all the time she wants at this point, thank you for that we'll turn now to her very good friend and her lead trainer here bonnie stohl there on the boat encouraging her dear friend with every stroke and, again, this is a dream she chased, bon 234i, for more than half her life. How is diana doing right now? Well, she's just unbelievably well and has this epic journey for the 45 team members we have could not be more ecstatic. They are watching her get there. She is -- let's see, we left at:00 a.M. An saturday morning the hemingway way marina at 9:00 a.M. And the one thing we don't here is tell time ever. All we -- all I permanently know is every 45 minutes and 90 minutes because that's when she drinks her water and that's when she gets fed so I know it's monday morning and I know we are over 100 miles now and the end is in sight. We are all looking at the island of key west and we should be there. She's got about ten more miles to go and since she's going about two miles an hour we are looking at an end in sight and she's just -- she started out at 51 strokes awe minute and right now she's doing 51 strokes a minute as I speak. She is on her way. She is on her way and, boy, next time you stop her for a sip of water, let her know we are all at her side as she, again, is set to arrive at key west and so to become the first person to ever swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage but with a whole lot of love. Bonnie stoll, we appreciate the time and best of luck to your dear friend. Appreciate it. Talk to you soon. Much more to come here.

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{"id":20134212,"title":"Diana Nyad Tries to Swim from Cuba to Florida","duration":"4:32","description":"The long-distance swimmer is making her fifth attempt at the incredible feat.","url":"/GMA/video/diana-nyad-swim-cuba-florida-20134212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}