Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas Star in Rom-Com 'And So It Goes'

The Hollywood icon discusses what drew her to the role and dishes about her leading men.
5:48 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas Star in Rom-Com 'And So It Goes'
Could you do -- I'm sorry. We're just talking here. I love when we have guests like Diane Keaton and everything is going on and realizes it is like a circus in here with everything going on. But the really crazy thing is all those people out there. No way and they're all here in times square. All looking in. That's not possible. Looking at you. Whoo! Yes, because -- Hi. Because you and director rob -- Yeah, rob. He says he had not just one but two home runs when he got Oscar winners you and Michael Douglas and -- I don't know about that. "And so it goes." "And so it goes" and they play next-door neighbors. Nothing in common which naturally is the romantic comedy world which means sparks are going to fly or will they? Oh, yeah. Show a clip. It's like a basic need. You know, it's like water or food, you know what I'm talking about? Are you -- whoa, whoa. Okay. Of all the starts that any two people have started including teenagers and monkey, I mean this is the worst start to what I consider a potentially intimate relationship. Come on. It's not that bad. Oh, really, I had a dog once that wouldn't leave my crotch alone and it was more romantic than this. Oh, no. Diane Keaton is with us. You don't like to watch yourself. It's not a fun thing. Oh, come on. Why? Why? You know, I think most people have an aversion to seeing themselves. It's not what you imagined. Not what I planned on in life to be me. I have to say I imagine you and Michael Douglas. You do? I cannot believe that you all have never worked together. Never, no, no, never. First time. Yeah, it was the first time and it was really a strange experience because it's really kind of a movie, you know, about second chances. Uh-huh. And we have a second chance and I think that there are a lot of things in it that are very touching. For me at least I play a wanna-be lounge singer and want to sing and I can't get it. I cry and feel sorry for myself but at a certain point I'm sitting on a bar stool and introducing that song "The shadow of your smile." Do you know how it goes? I saw it in the film. I'm not going to sing it. ? The shadow of your smile when you are gone ? right? Anyway, so I'm introducing that, right, robin and I say, you know, sometimes life outlives love. But still to be singing a song and dreaming of love is worth it. And I really think that that's true because I think that, you know, sometimes you don't look like -- you don't always have love in your life. We all lose love sometimes but the chance to still be here expressing it and still being in the wonder of it. Look at this place. Like we were saying, it's a circus this here and all these people out here and it's just like -- it's just a miracle to be here in the presence of all these lights and people -- it's amazing. It's wonder and that's the thing about-. You can't hold on to it. You got to let it go and there are second chances and you don't know what's going to happen and the movie deals with that. It really does and also to be able to hear you -- I know we were joking but you can sing and this is -- you and rob Reiner selected it. A lot of old standards. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. How was that for you? You said it was something that you -- Well, when I was young I had a dream I was going to be a nightclub singer, pathetic, but, of course, you know, that isn't exactly happen. I thought I would be in musical comedies like Barbra streisand. I had a lot of fantasies about my life but the truth of the matter I guess you'd call me an actress, right? Is that what you would call me? It's sort of like that. I didn't get to be a singer because really the little voice, it's like this tiny. Like the little voice. It's not a great voice like your, robin so I think you should sing it again. No, no. ? The shadow of your -- Why do you have a picture of a young Mike Douglas. I want to talk about Michael Douglas. Because Michael Douglas has often been known for playing kind of morally ambiguous types like in "Wall Street" and "Basic instinct" and "Fatal attraction." In this movie you see another side of him. A photograph I found on Pinterest because I'm a huge Pinterest fan. Look at his face. Look what a sweet boy he is. Look at him. Is he not just fantastic? Well, that person is in this movie. I had a seen with him where he's siting across from me at a table and he plays this kind of selfish schmuck who is just hardened as you know since you were forced to see the movie. I wasn't forced to see it. And, robin, so when he went I'm just sitting there. He sort of suddenly just breaks down and cries and you just see this person. Reborn but it's still there. That sweet -- look at him. Ah. Yeah. Give him a big kiss, right? Mwah. He says you're a guide kisser. He said you're a better kisser than Matt Damon. And him, I'm kidding. Never enough time. You are a delight. Thank you for having me. You are a force of nature and something you want to see. "And so it goes" opens nationwide July 25th That's what it does. Thank you so much. Thank you. Any time. Do I leave now? You can stay there. We're going to ginger. Ginger. I'll watch. With the weather.

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{"id":24464591,"title":"Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas Star in Rom-Com 'And So It Goes'","duration":"5:48","description":"The Hollywood icon discusses what drew her to the role and dishes about her leading men.","url":"/GMA/video/diane-keaton-interview-2014-actress-stars-michael-douglas-24464591","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}