Diane Sawyer's Last 'World News' Broadcast

The famed journalist signed off for the last time after five years as ABC News' evening news anchor.
1:38 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diane Sawyer's Last 'World News' Broadcast
We'll switch gears and a new chapter for Diane sawyer. After five years of leading ABC's evening newscast to new heights she signed off as "World news" anchor for the last time. There's been so much to celebrate here, as well, connections, community, America and the generosity of our neighbors next door. I want you to know none of that will change. "World news" is dedicated to what informs you and we always hope helps make your life better. And on a personal note as I said I'm not going far. Down the hall up the stairs and I am not slowing down but gearing up in a new way, already at work on some of the stories that take you into the real lives around us, the ones we rarely get to see. You know that work has already begun. We'll see and hear much more from Diane in new and different ways with original reporting specials, big interviews across all the programs and platforms of ABC news. She's already done all there is to do at ABC. Had so much impact. It's going to be exciting to see what she'll come up with next and I know Diane is excited about it too. We're so excited for her. Absolutely. Simply the best. Last night when she had the moment she gave a tribute to her staff which I thought was such a great moment. We got to meet all the people behind the scenes. Everybody behind the scenes. That was such a special moment as she signed off. Exactly who she is. I was there too and gio was and said her staff is everything, the people and viewers, people mean so much to her. TV's transparent like an contemplate and we love seeing it. More to come. Also more to come for her husband Mike. She's going to have dinner with him more often. Fantastic.

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{"id":25157160,"title":"Diane Sawyer's Last 'World News' Broadcast","duration":"1:38","description":"The famed journalist signed off for the last time after five years as ABC News' evening news anchor.","url":"/GMA/video/diane-sawyers-world-news-broadcast-25157160","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}