Diane von Furstenberg Reveals Spring's Top Looks

Fashionista discusses 2013's trends and unveils her nominees for the People's Voice Award.
4:44 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Diane von Furstenberg Reveals Spring's Top Looks
Every year it's given a one of four nominees by Diane von Furstenberg -- the Diller Von Furstenberg Family Foundation that we are so happy. To have the Diane here with the saying -- I am so happy DC and who are dear friend and a dear friend of of this program and the awards are coming up and then -- -- the awards on April 5 tell us about these nominees this OK they four. Wonderful wonderful women who have really. The courage to move to to fight. And the power to survive and the leadership to in fact it and each one of them has had. -- on their own and then they survived it and so we have. We have Tina. -- -- -- Who is an amazing and mean an amazing woman who survived six trafficking and who now helps the people. -- and gowns. We have the next one. Is that tiny tiny and Neiman who is. Who mobilized his young kids it. And she is his organization called memorandum can't see young herself I don't sound. So as to listen to how she is at my hands easing -- about it she's a wonderful -- -- -- Then we have. -- that team Alston was a woman -- and so one tend to forget about that. And so she helps other veterans and it's of naive very very strong strong strong lady and then we have Tammy. -- tidbits. Who and who -- goes education in developing countries. So the -- then you can you can go on to -- awards and you can read about then you can listen to them beating out. And then he's vote because the law vote we have -- -- of the Barack if they. And I have to say have gone -- -- and I haven't been able to vote yet to Ricky I can't decide I -- I don't -- -- saying -- -- what I did not. And -- just always been a passion project of yours yet the awards is is is a wonderful thing and did the people's award. Is nice because -- -- -- and have all everybody vote in. And I -- that like to see how many votes they -- the candidate mentioned indeed issued who want. Can -- men and mentioned that that we have. And needed ship. -- lifetime needs people want that I have one year I gave to him knowing we gave to Hillary and what -- two -- And this year it's going to -- and rob it -- Okay is that one night emails and nice and would you accept this. And she said I've been -- many awards and I say no to everyone. But I think -- say yes. -- people have been so kind and I know you and I know. This award ceremony I've been there and and where it comes from not gotten in trouble -- but said no to but thank you very much. But I I'm looking forward I know it's coming up in April. But why you're here you are fashion icon my friend we must have -- this spring -- -- you are I are described how the models come out and tell us what we're gonna look for in spring Diane. -- -- Okay now had been -- note is and then dharma and dress and that. Is very successful it's like it looks like it to these it has a little Pacman and dead it's a wonderful wonderful little -- And then she's -- -- -- handbag. -- -- -- -- Let her handbag and death. It's it's a very very cute -- -- the -- -- and depends sued. That ensued. I was seeing and -- yes the first dozen who warned that US solar lounge. That the drag you and -- and beyond his sister Atlanta. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- see is the -- then so and and Dan and the for a forty exact. And dad. -- and I can't say that again let limited. Back.

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{"id":18763430,"title":"Diane von Furstenberg Reveals Spring's Top Looks","duration":"4:44","description":"Fashionista discusses 2013's trends and unveils her nominees for the People's Voice Award.","url":"/GMA/video/diane-von-furstenberg-reveals-springs-top-fashion-peoples-18763430","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}