Diane von Furstenberg Spring Fashion Favorites

The popular designer gives "GMA" a sneak peek at her spring collection.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Diane von Furstenberg Spring Fashion Favorites
spring favorites. Go nowhere. ? Vogue ? Since 2010 Diane Von Furstenberg and the Von Furstenberg family foundation has honored women who have overcome obstacles and transformed not only their lives but the lives of others and this marks the dvf fifth anniversary and has a lock at the nominees and a peek at her spring collection. We look forward to this. I know. Amazing it's only five year. And so wonderful you allow the public to weigh in. I want them to know about the nominees. More vote we have, the fairer it is. Absolutely. And they have remarkable. Beginning with Karen earl, the jennesse center, prevention services, Rachel Lloyd, girls educational and mentoring service, survivor of sexual exploitation now providing mentoring services then there's Marlene Sanchez, the center for young women's development to change their lives and communities and Veronica Scott, the empower. Plan, it provides jobs, as well. I know. Talk about these women. What makes this emso special? You know, what is absolutely amazing when you read about what these women do is like there is nothing that you could do that is too small. In other words, all of these girls started with $30, you know, with $30 and a borrowed computer or with the idea of making a coat for a homeless person. At the all came from very small ideas, because they themselves were victims or, you know, and then but from their small idea comes grass root and it's so important to encourage this because you save one life you save so much and these women are remarkable and they make you feel -- they humble you. You said, objection, my good, I haven't done anything so we have -- everyone out there can actually vote for them. For one of them and the more people vote, the more fair it is. And it's what's so wonderful -- Should we tell them where they can vote. We'll tell them online on our website. What's so incredible and not just recognizing these women but what they're doing and just the exposure of that for people -- whether -- Absolutely, but I mean, you know, the thing that we have, you know, is if you get a little bit of success or if you have any kind of, you know, success, the most important thing you can do is give exposure and to people who have something to say and who could really help and that is why we're doing this awards. And people have until March 21st to link to your website. And it's so exciting when you do that and I've been to the awards ceremony. You won a lifetime award last year. So kind. The feeling in there. You inspire us, women inspire you with the fashion you bring, can we bring out these three lovely models to show -- give us a touch of what we can expect from you, Diane. This is for spring. It's actually right now, and it's -- you have the middle one is a wrap dress and but it's a different kind. It's an Amelia wrap dress with denim and lace. On the left black and white is a little corset top with a beautiful skirt. Then the accessories also, the little micro, the other one with -- oop. Kind of like an oasis look. The collection was called oasis. That's why and that's a beautiful party dress for the spring days. So all of it is available at dvf.com. I'm not a model but I love when you put the pockets on its. I won't show the zipper in the back. I've known you for awhile now and the way you have William -- how it started with the wrap dress and I love that now you have the 40th anniversary and there are people that are coming out and celebrating it. I know, we have a big, big exhibition in Los Angeles at lama and extended until may 1st and it's been, you know, I always think that dress is so granted even though it's paid all my byes and finally decided to honor it. I'm you are and we honor you, Diane. The bracelet all the time. I know you do. Thank you, remember, you have until next Friday, March 2 9/to vote for the dvf people's awards. Go to goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! And we'll link you to dvf.com.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The popular designer gives \"GMA\" a sneak peek at her spring collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22873841","title":"Diane von Furstenberg Spring Fashion Favorites","url":"/GMA/video/diane-von-furstenberg-spring-fashion-favorites-22873841"}