Dick Cheney Feared Medical Device Assassination Plot

The former vice president had heart device partially disabled to prevent potential terrorist attack.
2:06 | 10/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dick Cheney Feared Medical Device Assassination Plot
Now, to a stunning case of art imitating life this morning. Anybody who has seen the hit show "homeland" will remember that extraordinary scene where the vice president is murdered when somebody hacks into his pacemaker. Now, a real-life former vice president says he feared exactly the same sort of attack. Here's abc's don cleper. Reporter: Last season on the hit show "homeland" ended with afascinating assassination plot. But in an interview with cbs news, the very nonfictional former vice president, dick cheney, says the vulnerability is all-too real. I was aware of the danger, if you will, that existed. Reporter: When cheney had a device regulating his heartbeat implanted in 2007, doctors disabled the wireless functionality, fearing a terrorist could hack the v.P.'S heart remotely. Ring a bell? I'm killing you. The experience we had for adjusting my own device, that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible. Reporter: So, could it actually be possible to hack into such devices, like a pacemaker? The fda addressed those fears in august after the mysterious death of hacker barnaby jack, who claimed to have proof medical devices could be hacked. In a statement, the fda said there's no cause for alarm for the nearly 3 million americans who have pacemakers. And that the agency is not aware of any patient injuries or deaths associated with these incidents. Dan koeffler reporting this morning. It's interesting to watch the reaction of my co-host here. Ron claiborne, always skeptical. I thought it was preposterous. I agree. It would happen. And our apologies for those at home who are just catching up with "homeland" and we gave something away. Did I forget to say spoiler alert?

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{"id":20621090,"title":"Dick Cheney Feared Medical Device Assassination Plot","duration":"2:06","description":"The former vice president had heart device partially disabled to prevent potential terrorist attack.","url":"/GMA/video/dick-cheney-feared-medical-device-assassination-plot-20621090","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}