Dietitian Uncovers the Bad in Seemingly Healthy Meals

Robin Robert's friend Rachel Beller reveals tips to stay healthy from her new book.
4:00 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Dietitian Uncovers the Bad in Seemingly Healthy Meals
This woman right here, I count on to help me eat right the a dear friend, rachel beller and she's sharing her secrets as a registered dietitian with the world and her brand-new book called "eat to lose, eat to win" whether to drop a few pounds or improve your health, it turns out you may not be eating as lean and healthy as you think. So anxious to get you on to talk about it. So many times people think, okay, sometimes we know we're not doing the right thing by eating a cheeseburger and fries but then we think we are doing the right thing that's right. Perception versus reality can be fath far apart. Keep it simple. Keep it real and lose pounds and protect your body against cancer. Got to keep it real. Keep it real and keep it simple. That's why we like you so much. That's why you're more apt to stick with it. This is a typical breakfast. You got a bran muffin. A soy latte but with you have to be careful with the soy. You want to be very careful that you're using natural traditional soy, tofu, not isolate concentrate. So you can have it. But, you ow, here we have a bran muffin. You hear the word bran, oh, green light. But you know what, reality is there's a little bit of bran in there but it's mostly white flour that's colored with molasses and caramel color, a bunch of oil in there and loads of sugar. So you do what you call food autopsies. Food autopsy. This is actually what this is. That's the equivalent. What you've got here, I call this diet homicide. This is just starting on a wrong you've got 4 1/2 slices of white bread colored again, 20 lollipops between the soy latte and the muffin and a bunch of oil. This is what we should eat. Yes. This looks like my breakfast. This is where it's at. So what you have here is a high fiber cereal, greek yogurt, cinnamon, protection and a fraction of the cost. That's about seven bucks. Looking at $2 and cancer fighting elements and energy. And fiber. Fiber, fiber. 15.5 grams. For lunch, sushi, vegetables. You've got a major simple carb overdose. Oh. YOU'RE OD.O'ing RIGHT HERE. This is the equivalent of the autopsy. The carb equivalent almost of half a loaf of bread because they load it up with rice, you've got processed fish, too little protein, not enough protection. Vegetables, look how small it is. A bunch of mayo. It's the wrong way to roll. So this is the right way to roll. This is how you roll. Exactly. So what you've got here is a nice plate of greens, arugula, top cancer fighter. You've got brown rice but easy rice so maybe one slice, two handrolls, hold the rice. A fraction of the calories, 350. Yod. This is the one I love in your book because you know, busy moms. Always nibbling and if your child hasn't finished their food you finish it for them. Huh-uh. Mini bites that turn into megabytes. Moms always eat -- oh, just taste the mac and cheese, eat a little off the plate but in reality, this is what you're eating. You're eating the equivalent. Ask any mom if she would ever do this. No way. No way. Come on. The food that we should. Josh. Yeah, sit down. This is about 150 calories, a mini meal that's a caloric steal and win on the scales. Quick, fast, easy, get rid of all that.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Robin Robert's friend Rachel Beller reveals tips to stay healthy from her new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19419697","title":"Dietitian Uncovers the Bad in Seemingly Healthy Meals","url":"/GMA/video/dietitian-uncovers-bad-seemingly-healthy-meals-19419697"}