One Direction Excited About New Projects, Talks Latest Single

The popular group appears on "GMA" to discuss some of their upcoming projects.
4:17 | 08/04/15

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Transcript for One Direction Excited About New Projects, Talks Latest Single
For these guys, one direction here ready for our most exciting summer concert yet. Yeah, but we have so much great one direction music coming up but first let's have a chat with the guys. Nile, Liam, Louis and harry. Welcome, you guys. Definitely. The last time you played in the park was in November 2013. There were five of you then and zayn, he actually tweeted out and said, hey, he really supports you guys. He loves the new music and how does it feel to be a foursome now. Well, I mean obviously it's different but, you know, when you lose a member of your team obviously everyone gets a little bit close together. No, its till going great and that's what the album is about, still going strong and all still here. Name of the song "Drag me down," nothing dragging you down. Already number one in 86 countries. Whoa! Not bad. Question is, why the decision to release it in the middle of the night? Let me ask you. I think we just wanted to kind of drop it out of nowhere, I think, usually we kind of do a big run-up to it and I thought -- we thought it would be fun this time to just kind of drop it and it was fun. It worked, I guess. Sorry, niall. Also it's the middle of the day somewhere in the world. You can drop it any time as you've seen and it till goes to number one. And you guys, you have your fifth studio albums coming up and can you give us a hint, your fan, what they can expect from the album? I suppose it's quite eclectic really, isn't it? Very nice vocabulary, Liam. Different. A couple of nice slow sort of usual one direction songs but we've taken a lot of inspiration from old rise which is like the policy feel on "Drag me down." It's like we took a lot of inspiration from that. What do you think? I guess you're right, Liam. Thank you. In the midst of all of this and thank you for stopping by, "Good morning America," I know you're in the mid of a huge tour, New Jersey, metlife stadium tomorrow night. How do you handle all the screaming, all of that energy? Well, we love it. It's great. It's great. I would imagine it's pretty darn good. What do you do behind the keeps for yourself. It's not actually that exciting. We're usually quite chilled backstage. People think there's a routine but we're not routine sort of guys. There you go. Well, I got to say Louis from one father to another, I want to congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood. Yes. So how are you feeling. Thank you. Obviously it's a very exciting time so thank you. Congratulations. Yes. Harry, you seem very quiet today. No. Harry is chilling. He's letting the other guys do what they're going to do. You are. What do you want to say to your fans out here who waited some slept in the rain for two days. Just a massive thank you. They continue to surprise us with how incredibly dedicated they are. Obviously we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them so thank you so much, everyone who stayed out and everyone who is here, hello. And one more question for you, guys. We're going to talk about your commitment to helping young people make a difference with the action 1d. So tell us what that's about. We've kind of collaborated with action 2015 and the thing is, the people who support us have such incredible power that I don't maybe think that they even know about, so, you know, I think we wanted to use it and do something to make a real difference so we're kind of, you know, the power that they have is kind of aimed now towards, you know, poverty and global warming and hunger and stuff like that so that we try and, you know, get people to kind of listen and do something about it. It's important to take some time. They're very werful, those -- The power of the people. Yeah, absolutely. So "Drag me down" is coming

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The popular group appears on \"GMA\" to discuss some of their upcoming projects. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32870410","title":"One Direction Excited About New Projects, Talks Latest Single","url":"/GMA/video/direction-excited-projects-talks-latest-single-32870410"}