Worlds Collide in Disney Infinity

The innovative new game lets players mix and match their favorite Disney characters and settings.
3:02 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Worlds Collide in Disney Infinity
It's called disney infinity. A brand-new game where all of the disney characters are available to everyone who plays at any time creating an endless amount of games. You can take any character with any background and put him in any game at any time. Maddie and jack are playing it. Plug in one of the characters into their console and there they are. They are off and running. You can end up in any movie. Any game and mix and match. It's called the mash-up. That's the cool -- so already one of the top gaming magazines called "game trailers" has called it a source of constant amusement and I quote, there's never been anything quite like it before. Those are fighting words and right now we'll turn times square into our own personal disney game. Check it out. Infinity base and you and i, george, will jump on. We plug in your characters. Where are we? There we are. Where? Oh, my gosh. I think you're up -- we're playing with sully right there. I want to kick it. It's working. Wait. Go. Whoo! We're having a good time. Are we winning or losing? Mr. Incredible right there. Mr. Incredible. Sam. So, wait. Jump on and let's see what happens. Let's see what we've got going on. Where are we? Oh, there we are. Right there. How can this all be happening in times square right now? You look so cute. I can pick any character i want and plug it in like captain jack sparrow could like rush me into whatever game I wanted to choose. Yeah, look at that. That is's awesome. And there's josh. There's josh even. Josh's back is feeling so much better. It's so clear. He's happy he's getting a lift from captain jack sparrow. Feels better. Wait. Look at this. The lone ranger and there we go. So this is unbelievable and it's so interactive. Come on up. Okay, I'll try. I don't want to ruin -- it looks like you're winning. When you're sitting at home and you play with the kids more than anything in the world. They want to be in the game and they want to react to the characters that they know that they see in the movies. Harper can take ariel and put it into the console and have ariel show up in "the lone ranger" and play some game there. It's incredible. And interact with her. In mine you have a boy and girl and this is awesome because arielle can kick butt against captain jack who jack would want. And bring the incredibles in and get all of that there. The possibilities never end. All right. Not only -- on and on and on. IT'S NOW AVAILABLE FOR Wii, Playstation 3 and your xbox 360 and play it on anything you have at home.

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{"id":19999644,"title":"Worlds Collide in Disney Infinity","duration":"3:02","description":"The innovative new game lets players mix and match their favorite Disney characters and settings.","url":"/GMA/video/disney-infinity-game-launch-worlds-collide-video-game-19999644","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}