DIY Tips to Spruce Up Your Room

Designer Mary McDonald shows how to improve a room with just paint and pattern.
2:39 | 07/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DIY Tips to Spruce Up Your Room
Hi Aaron McDonald's and I'd like to show -- today how to do for yourself. Some of the high. And luxury techniques that I used to make a really big -- -- the week and homes that were gone but in a more simplified Conway. I did find that one of the most under uses talented design with -- -- -- it's okay. Savage to do it he added -- floor. -- wall. -- -- Furniture actually from ginger -- whenever -- hateful and whatever pattern here is why the things that I like to do have done for years. Try and thoughtful pieces of furniture pads. -- tag sales and flea markets and -- about -- like Swedish bold finish. Ultimately this really war and an -- that were around for a couple hundred years. It would be paid it in milk paint and maybe quite a few times in the next seven -- to paint you have the time to put on the better. Over honor I have another example. Of something that you could paint plant in a much more fun and friendly fashion. So what I would want to do here he's paint this in vertical stripes of two colors so I would -- out from here -- here. And even amount of stripes what you want them to look like so let's fight version of something that I have lot. Grant house is. Different -- silhouettes and sometimes I think. Great artist and it really fun way to do this yourself. It is site. Taking -- image that -- life. And you haven't blown up you can do just that you're -- Oval Office. Story that has in large capability. I suggest to -- different projects suggesting is water based mainly because it easier and you can actually use it and it's related problems on the level because water based. -- all sorts of it. What we have here is we wanted to do some sort of -- Chevron -- and so we worked this out to my office on a computer that you can do it at home. On graph paper. From your local -- store. And you just as your base and figure out what that pattern would look like overall before you get down. OK so I'm kind of thinking that. Lightning door and then we're just 200. I want my contract.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Designer Mary McDonald shows how to improve a room with just paint and pattern.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19754491","title":"DIY Tips to Spruce Up Your Room","url":"/GMA/video/diy-tips-spruce-room-19754491"}