'Django Unchained' Stars Discuss Controversial Movie on 'Nightline'

ABC's "Nightline" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" shake up late night line-up with new time slots.
5:34 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for 'Django Unchained' Stars Discuss Controversial Movie on 'Nightline'
It's a big nights tonight on ABC -- -- major event involving time changes for two of our shows so important to believe that schedule starting tonight Nightline is -- an hour later -- 1235. And our friend Jimmy Kimmel is -- an hour earlier to 1135. Nightline anchor Cynthia McFadden is with us now. Sleepy -- demeanor and you did with three NB. Hottest stars on the planet -- you like this morning Aaron hasn't drive what the same rate reported on islands in the storage and I just an hour later -- all I -- a look at a shocking cocktail of the movie Quinton Tarantino's Django unchained part epic. Part revenge fantasy -- -- Question it's all about slavery will I sat down for the only joined in -- -- with the controversial director. And two of his stars Leonardo DiCaprio. And Jamie Foxx. One critic said recently there's something for everyone to hate in this outfit that is something to make everybody -- and that I don't think. Do film like this. With Quinton Tarantino and not expect and I think that's what you sign up for black and personal saga to says we're in -- about an impasse is supposed to. I don't think anybody is actually going out there saying that we use the word more extensively than it was used in. 1858. In Mississippi. If that's not the case then they can shut up. -- knew exactly the women looking for. Fox plays a freed slaves on the blood -- mission to free his life in Tarantino's hands the material is exclusive. Loaded. This was. One of the most narcissistic self indulgent more racist -- most despicable characters I've ever read my entire life. DiCaprio plays the truly despicable Kelvin candy Dennis Michael it's a good bit of fun. Plantation -- and vicious racist. Who uses the inward constantly I gotta -- -- the first day and so that was incredibly difficult for women didn't mean that -- Cut. Off all -- So yeah. But -- -- the because outlasted what. Yeah and he goes considering -- body. A move that. -- -- -- -- it was -- did he says it's tough I think you know what you him. It's supposed to -- -- you're not supposed feel like this normally in 20122013. So far the controversy is only fueled ticket sales -- though I'm -- has surpassed a hundred million dollar mark. It is on target become Tarantino's highest -- in film today. It is the rest of my interview tonight at Nightline's -- time following -- him. All right 1235 tonight we will not miss at least at the -- been -- it's really fast my -- and then of course Jimmy Kimmel. Has been hard at work getting ready for his new time slot an hour earlier. ABC's nick watt -- behind the scenes for a a look at the big countdown. Jimmy Kimmel is moving through 1155. And in late night TV. The -- people tend to go to sleep at midnight that's for summaries -- the magic number and symbolically. It means a lot because that's when. Steve Allen was on that's when Jack -- was on that's when Johnny Carson was on. -- -- -- -- been doing this ten years he's -- -- There were times when. I hope the show would be canceled you know -- to what -- because it was. Brutal mean it's a lot easier now than it was the celebrities know who I am that's a big part of -- and there are times where I'd sit there and interviewing guests and I have a difficult time getting their attention -- nearly. Everyone now -- two years. Kids are our orally all I have a life. They don't know I am they don't know where I'm coming from or what I'm getting -- so I like to talk to them what is the difference between a boy and a girl. We just watched Jews spend holding trying to make children say you bathroom words hit -- this is a joke it's what I do for a living it hit its ridiculous right now I think you should -- debate where you disappoint children with -- -- But would you do what you don't like that what happened to you as a child -- -- -- an -- was there something you wanna talk to them about being you. So he's not afraid of the uncomfortable question any other tips for late night success if somebody is bad -- not funny they're droning on. I take it upon myself to live in the interview up enough to start intervening months -- and the -- hitching givens found that seeing. Be self centered that's number one with just -- it. A belief in yourself that I think I got from the radio because when -- on the radio there's no response whatsoever so you just go on and assume you're doing great. If you are the guests in the -- -- -- -- Jennifer Aniston no doubt the first night. Ryan Gosling maybe tailing two of the car dash eons. Ideal guest. Steve Martin is somebody I love -- we never come government on the show a Bill Murray is somebody that -- -- -- -- show I guess I guess I'm glad that there are still has many peoples' we've had on the show in ten years there are a lot of people that I still would like to talk to. Good Morning America and quote ABC high oil sands. -- and and it all starts tonight -- -- live an hour earlier 1135. And Nightline right after I am not.

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{"id":18160929,"title":"'Django Unchained' Stars Discuss Controversial Movie on 'Nightline'","duration":"5:34","description":"ABC's \"Nightline\" and \"Jimmy Kimmel Live\" shake up late night line-up with new time slots.","url":"/GMA/video/django-unchained-quentin-tarantino-leonardo-dicaprio-jamie-foxx-18160929","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}