Doctor Accused of Misdiagnosing Cancer for Medicare Payments

Michigan doctor arrested for getting patients to undergo unnecessary treatments.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctor Accused of Misdiagnosing Cancer for Medicare Payments
You become a doctor you take an oath to do no harm but this morning. There is physician in Michigan accused of miss diagnosing. And -- treating cancer patients and keeping others on allegedly unnecessary -- though prosecutors say this was all a scheme. To make tens of millions of dollars and ABC's Lindsay Janice is on the story -- good morning. Good morning Dan this morning -- three -- font -- is in jail after being charged with mistreating his cancer patients and defrauding the government of 35 million dollars in false Medicare claims. A second judge will now decide whether to grant prosecutors' request to deny him bail. Federal. Prosecutors are fighting to keep 48 year old doctor Fareed (%expletive) up behind bars. Corinthian Colleges to accused of -- diagnosing his cancer patients a flight risk. Tuesday federal agents arrested Fatah raiding his multiple offices in the Detroit area and seizing medical records in court documents -- US attorney alleges -- I gave unnecessary chemotherapy to patients in remission and fabricated diagnoses in or to bilk millions from Medicare. This morning relatives of his alleged victims are speaking out in a bond hearing on Friday Jeff Burris testified that when his father didn't respond to chemotherapy doctor -- refused to stop administering the drugs from the time. -- my father began getting the chemotherapy. His health deteriorated. It is worse and worse all the time thought does attorney says his client is innocent and the federal agents have been duped by disgruntled employees. The government has not retained an expert. To give an opinion that there was a mystery -- misdiagnosis or unnecessary tests given to any patient. But other health care workers suspected something was wrong is far back as 2010 I don't know -- how. He's gotten away with set for this -- cancer -- Angeles Montag tells ABC news she first complained to investigators three years ago after spending just two hours at one of -- does clinic. I was disgusted I got in the car was -- sitting in the parking lot and I was truly almost in tears just because of white. I -- I'm and how he sends word getting their chemotherapy. With state says it is still building its case against -- As more patients and family members come forward with complaints if convicted he faces up to twenty years in prison Indians. Unbelievable story I'm -- thank -- irrigation.

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{"id":19928765,"title":"Doctor Accused of Misdiagnosing Cancer for Medicare Payments","duration":"3:00","description":"Michigan doctor arrested for getting patients to undergo unnecessary treatments.","url":"/GMA/video/doctor-accused-misdiagnosing-cancer-medicare-payments-19928765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}