Dogs Comfort Newtown; 'Twitten' Made for Couples

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:17 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Dogs Comfort Newtown; 'Twitten' Made for Couples
like a golden retriever to warm your heart. So sh, 10 of them traveled 800 miles from chicago to newtown, to bring a little comfort in the community. It's about unconditional love. The dogs are accepting. They're so kind natured. And people believe that helps to create an atmosphere where it's easier to express feelings, which is so needed at this time. Each dog has their own facebook page and e-mail account so those who meet them can stay in touch. The initiative has grown to 60 dogs in 6 states. To learn more and other ways you can help the sandy hook community, please go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! They are the best. You want to level them. You can do it all day. Max and sadie at home. They're perfect. All dogs, really. Also in "pop news" this morning, two celebrities are playing a game of one upsmanship. But in the best way possible. Charlie sheen started it. Donating $75,000 to help a little girl's family with cancer treatment bills. Stevie wonder donated another $100,000. Sheen -- it wasn't sheen. It was stevie made the announcement after a concert in l.A. This weekend, after calling 10-year-old jasmine falk on to the stage. He serenaded her with his classic, "isn't she lovely." And finally, do we have props? Do we have the -- do we not? Anybody? Well. There's a prop. And I was very excited to share it. Here they come. Thank you, all, so much. Everybody. Please enjoy -- george, will you help me, please. Put your hand in there. I should go here. We've warmed your heart hopefully, a little bit. Now, we want to warm your hands with the twitten. This is the world's first two-handed mitten, making sure you never have to stop holding hands with the one you love. Whether you're a couple, best friends, parents and child, or co-anchors, they cost $45. They're handmade in peru. And all profits go towards charity. George, let go. Coming home. We found those online.

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{"id":18004458,"title":"Dogs Comfort Newtown; 'Twitten' Made for Couples","duration":"2:17","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/dogs-comfort-newtown-twitten-made-couples-gma-pop-18004458","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}