Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Together Again

30 years after the recording of "Islands in the Stream" the country legends reunite for a new duet.
4:05 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Together Again
This is something we've been looking forward to all morning thirty years ago Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers reported. Islands in the stream that we've been singing at all morning long look at what -- on the number one selling -- -- of all time. Now the legendary recording artists are back together with the new duet they sat down exclusively with -- -- -- -- military got to talk about reuniting. In every suspect golden time. And how old friends are the best times. It was the and -- the generation. Two mega stars teaming up for what would become the bestselling -- -- of all time. Islands in the stream. The best selling -- -- after -- when you hear these feet. The fact of the song is just a to -- when you hear what people say about it had changed their lives. What does it make you feel as soon as -- that first note on that you know him well I just -- this well is it. There's no question it's kind of the -- to take everything to have. -- the song with her and have it be accepted so highly worldwide and that's what makes it so. Interest and no matter where I go the one thing they always -- -- -- -- street. Now thirty years later Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton are back together recording another duet for -- -- most recent album. It's called aptly you can't make old friend. They invited -- spurred exclusive look behind the scenes in NASA bill as they filmed the video for their new duet. It's really our story when you hear the lyrics to it. It's very touching. When I was in court next I was -- tearful and when I was listen to the demo it really just you know certainly. Some doesn't have been our relationship but it also is such a sum of friendship of all current media there's people that you -- engineers to close to eighty and thanked him. When you're not together anymore psyche tonight new brands -- -- -- -- -- room. Of course there -- always been lingering rumors about just how platonic that friendship was. We never consummated anything. We just teased each other all Everett WC a moment about learning not in the language UCL a sound stage and I'll guarantee you everybody thinks we again. What are some of the craziest rumors that you heard about yourself though throughout the years all they say Allentown down down in mount -- -- mother of just so big that my back is broken that I am willing to sacrificed my help for the -- And -- there would be. Not -- and you. And how about you can -- You know for me when they got on that hold. Plastic surgery thing that was that was a bit painful for -- troop Ghali saying look okay and he's been to -- second year. And -- is can be an honest I think he's really grown into his face live now don't you can obscure. I think the old friends. We you know. The show. Must -- -- the two friends back together again there was just one more question we couldn't resist asking. -- can just do something for my own memory say. And I just don't want a two lines from violence -- a strain believed. A bit chewed their peace known. Us to get you Linda fire commission so the soft sad. It's something go wrong at home. For Good Morning America beyond Angola -- get ABC news Nashville. Am I singing right along -- just. Saying yeah moment's notice and I love how comfortable and how real they are we wanted to -- -- kidding when you all. You don't really say that the tougher attitude I think somebody else and you want -- Rogers Dolly Parton -- and you do it do that go to our website at Good Morning America dot com on --

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{"id":20394937,"title":"Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Together Again","duration":"4:05","description":"30 years after the recording of \"Islands in the Stream\" the country legends reunite for a new duet.","url":"/GMA/video/dolly-parton-kenny-rogers-20394937","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}