A Dolphins Player Accused of Threatening Teammate's Sister

New information revealed about alleged NFL bullying as some Dolphins defend team.
2:27 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for A Dolphins Player Accused of Threatening Teammate's Sister
We have a new twist this morning in the nfl bullying scandal. So many miami dolphins and players across the league, speaking up in defense of richie incognito, the player accused of tormenting his teammate. Some calling incognito the victim. Matt gutman has the latest. Reporter: In his first public statement, jonathan martin's attorney blitzed his client's alleged tormentors. Saying for 18 months, the 300-pound martin, endured, quote, harassment, that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing. Including physical attack from h teammate. Those include racial slurs from incognito. And alleged comments about martin's sister, too crass for tv. That as martin was spotted leaving his parents' l.A. Home on thursday. It was the first glimpse of the former dolphin lineman since he reportedly checked himself into a hospital for emotional stress last week. His attorney saying the issue wasn't martin's toughness. But his treatment by his teammates. The alleged ring leader, incognito. Who his teammates now suggest is the victim. So much overwhelming support for richie incognito. Why do you think that is? Because we've been around him. We know what kind of guy he is. Richie is the one being attacked. And he's the one that the questions are being asked about. Reporter: This morning, a new accusation against incognito. Overnight, wplg uncovered a police report where a female volunteer at a dolphins golf tournament accused him of harassment in may of 2012. In the police report, the woman ms a drunken incognito battered her and humiliated her with a golf club. Incognito's representatives did not respond to our request to comment. What happens in a locker room is not politically correct. It's not going to be politically correct. This is a situation where jonathan martin was absolutely bullied and had nowhere to turn. And shame on the miami dolphins. Reporter: The coaches are coming under increasing scrutiny. How much did they know? Were they aware of how much the hazing was affecting martin? The nfl has sent in a special investigator. What seems clear right now, incognito and martin might never suit up in a football uniform again. At least for the dolphins. Now, more on the bombshell

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{"id":20827018,"title":"A Dolphins Player Accused of Threatening Teammate's Sister","duration":"2:27","description":"New information revealed about alleged NFL bullying as some Dolphins defend team.","url":"/GMA/video/dolphins-player-accused-threatening-teammates-sister-20827018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}