Donald Cardinal Wuerl Discusses the Meaning of Christmas

The archbishop of Washington reveals what we're really celebrating this holiday.
4:17 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for Donald Cardinal Wuerl Discusses the Meaning of Christmas
All of us love the excitement in our kids' eyes when they open the presents. But we Christians trying to be true to the deeper meaning today. I spoke about that with cardinal Donald who. Merry Christmas. What's inspiring you this Christmas season? I think of all the things this surface, this Christmas is really a time of spiritual renewal. And I think a lot of it has to do with pope Francis. This is a Christmas in which people around the world have already had a touch of Francis. And we talk about -- For the second year now. Yes. But they've experienced him now for some time. We talk about the Francis effect, I think this Christmas we're seeing a little bit more of that. An openness of people to the realizization that things really can be better. That it is possible to be kind. It is possible to be compassionate. Could you have imagined two years ago, a little more than two years ago, that the kind of change we have seen would be this profound? It really is dramatic, isn't it? And I think part of it is people -- and I'm not just speaking about catholics, but so many people -- having looking for, waiting for some encouragement. He brings the same message. But he has a way of showing us how you do this. And you have worked so closely with the pope. You're a close adviser to him. You go to Rome twice a month. Tell us something, you know, that others wouldn't know that -- that exemplifies and illustrate this is point. I think the basic simplicity of his lifestyle is one thing. But the kindness and the concern he has for others. And this is not a generic others, it's individual people. He comes to meetings. It used to be when we would go to the meetings, after the work was done, we would have a quick audience with the pope. He comes to the meeting, pulls up a chair. The first time he came, he carried in his black briefcase and opened it up and pulled out some papers and said this is the material you sent me. He said, I'd like to get started on this. But before we do -- he reached in and he pulled out a medal and gave it to one of the others. You asked me to bless this. Here it is. It's just all -- it's with a simplicity. Simplicity, such kindness in a season where it's easy to lose the message in all the chaos surrounding. He's saying to all of us, maybe not in so many words, but he's saying it in a more effective way, let's brush aside all the things that really become encumberments and encrust things. Why don't we just focus on Christmas is a time of love? It's a time of family. It's a time of carry. It's a time of just being there one for the other. Why don't we just do that? And in the year ahead, the pope giving a great gift to the people of the United States. Yes, won't that be exciting? He's already confirmed that he's coming to Philadelphia. And we, of course, are hoping he's going to come to New York and Washington. Some of us are hoping more for Washington. But that's the nature. Yeah, of course. But to have him here. And I think it'll be a great moment, again, because people intuitively take to him. And if he's here, that many more people will be able to see him and experience what we're talking about. We look forward to the visit. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you. God bless you, George. I am looking forward to that. An electrifying trip. The cardinal's voice is so soothing. What he's saying, and the way he's saying.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The archbishop of Washington reveals what we're really celebrating this holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27825893","title":"Donald Cardinal Wuerl Discusses the Meaning of Christmas","url":"/GMA/video/donald-cardinal-wuerl-discusses-meaning-christmas-27825893"}