Donald Trump in the Race 'Long Term' After Loss in Iowa

The GOP presidential candidate talks to "GMA" about his campaign strategy in New Hampshire and beyond.
4:36 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump in the Race 'Long Term' After Loss in Iowa
Let's talk to Mr. Trump right now joining us by phone. You heard Tom llamas there, Mr. Trump. Acknowledged skipping the debate might have hurt you. What's the biggest change you need to make as you head into New Hampshire? Roger stone says you need to sharpen your focus on Cruz and Rubio. Well, I think I don't have to make too many changes, I mean, I'm doing pretty well. I came in second when people said I would be in the top ten when I went out to Iowa, they all said I'd be in the top ten. You were leading all the polls going into the vote. No, but the polls came out very late and said toward the end it looked like I was doing very well, frankly and I ended up coming in second place and it's interesting because the man that came in third place, a good guy, Marco, everybody saying he won like it was a big victory. I came in second place, ab easy second place and nobody said that. On Saturday you yourself said unless I win I will consider this is a big fat beautiful and by the way very expensive waste of time. I don't like second place. I'm not a fan of second place but I did well and the person that came in third place everybody is raving about how wonderful it is and they don't say that about me. I came in second place so I don't say that. I'm not thrilled with second place but I was told don't even go to Iowa because I'm not going to win Iowa and I thought it was something I should do and I went there and I almost won it and by the way, I got more votes than anybody in the history of the state other than the one particular player. Who is the bigger threat, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? I don't know. And there are others also that you didn't mex, I mean somebody else could sneak up so I mean there's always threats. I don't assume that anybody is out of it. You have some people that were supposed to be threats and they're no longer threats it would seem but you have somebody could come out of the pack. You got some people coming down hard on you, as well. John sununu former governor of New Hampshire in "The New York times" says I think trump's loss will remind people that the guy has a history of losses. He brought up your bankruptcies and the charges against trump University and goes on to say there's no longer trump vodka, frag begans and three magazines that Mr. Trump put his name on. History of losses. No, I have no is tri of losses and started off with very little. I used the bankruptcy laws just like anybody else, it's corporate, it's not personal. Look at the biggest people, I won't mention their names here but a list of the biggest people we have in business, all of us do that, use it. It's a business tool and use that to our advantage and I've built an amazing company. I have a company that's worth many, many billions of dollars and everybody knows it. You were outspent in Iowa. Are you ready to spend more of your own money in New Hampshire, go up on the air, make sure you get that victory? Oh, yeah, we're spending a lot of money. New Hampshire is my first place and I really liked Iowa. Di well in Iowa by all accounts, I mean, let's face it. I did well and came in second and there are ten people that didn't and, you know, we started off with 17 if you think of it that way but I think I did very well. You look at a guy like sununu, you talk about losers, he got fired by bush like a dog and this guy goes out and I guess he's working for somebody that he wants very much because I heard about that and I think it's a ridiculous attack. What do you think happened in Iowa because all the polls in the final three days did show you with a clear lead. Well, I think it's very hard to poll a caucus. Caucusing is very tough to poll and that showed it. Now, didn't show a big polling. Showed I could win by a little bit and I was actually surprised because I was not supposed to win Iowa. I was supposed to do really great in New Hampshire but not Iowa, and, you know, that's the way it is. Look, I came in second and the person that came in third was praised as though he had a great victory but they didn't say that about me. The New Hampshire polls can often swing very hard after Iowa. Are you braced for that and if you fall short again, is that the end of the road for your campaign? No, not at all I think we'll do well with South Carolina and with the S.E.C. In Nevada. This is long term. I have unlimited money and I'm still funding my campaign and, you know, one of the things I said yesterday, I don't think I get any credit for self-funding my campaign. I get nothing. It's an amazing thing, I'm putting in millions of dollars and I will put in millions but I don't think the voters when they go into the booth say, oh, wow, he's funding his campaign, isn't that wonderful? Everyone else is not doing that. I'm the only one self-funding and honestly, I don't think I get very much credit for that and it is something you should be given credit for. You heard it here. You are in for the long haul. See you in New Hampshire.

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{"id":36682973,"title":"Donald Trump in the Race 'Long Term' After Loss in Iowa","duration":"4:36","description":"The GOP presidential candidate talks to \"GMA\" about his campaign strategy in New Hampshire and beyond.","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-race-long-term-loss-iowa-36682973","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}