Donald Trump Shakes up Campaign Team Post-Debate

One of the real estate mogul's top advisers is out in a move made after Trump's comments about Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly.
4:34 | 08/09/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump Shakes up Campaign Team Post-Debate
president. Trump's camp is looking different. One top adviser is gone, the question is, was he fired or did he quit? It is your voice your vote and Devin Dwyer is in Washington for us with the story. Reporter: Donald Trump was twooting up a storm overnight, attacking his critics. This is trump's campaign lost a top political adviser in just one week. Donald Trump. Reporter: This morning the republican front-runner is in turmoil. Facing a major shake-up inside his presidential campaign. A spokesman telling ABC news that he fired Alec stone. You know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, wherever. Reporter: Trump's attack in an interview with CNN triggering a tsunami of criticism. I really think it was inappropriate. Reporter: The billionaire businessman dumped from the lineup from the red state summit of conservatives. Despite trying to clarify his comments. Trump supporters lashed out in his defense. I have e-mails from people referring to megyn Kelly as a [ bleep ]. And Donald Trump is standing up to all of us. Reporter: Now trump's republican rivals are standing up to him. Now taking a tougher line. Carly fiorina tweeting, Mr. Trump, there is no excuse. Jeb bush letting loose. Come on, give me a break. I mean, are we -- do we want to win? What Donald Trump said was wrong. Reporter: This morning, Donald Trump is still refusing to apologize to megyn Kelly. Dan. Want to talk exactly that, thank you, Devin. George stephanopoulos will be interviewing Donald Trump later "This week." I feel like I have asked you this question numerous times. Has he now gone too far with these comments about megyn Kelly. Top republicans are coming out in a way they haven't come out before. They believe he has come out. He's defined these predictions before. It does appear that the republican party now believes they have to make sure that he doesn't seem to define them. Well, let's pick up on that. Devin mentioned, too. How worried are republican leaders about the impact he's having on the gop brand and what if anything can they do about it? You saw Lindsey graham from South Carolina yesterday, he has crossed the rubicon, what you're seeing, at this point, more candidates come out and call him out on these comments. At the same time, they still don't want to drive him into an independent race for president in the fall, if he doesn't get the nomination, so they're still trying to walk that line, hoping he'll bring himself down. This is a tricky situation. Let me ask you about Jeb bush, we saw him, he's one of the candidates that has come out hard against trump, after what was widely perceived a middling performance in the debate Thursday. What's your assessment of his overall standing now. He hasn't blown a lot of people away. That clearly that hasn't happen, he didn't break out at the debate Thursday night. Other candidates appeared to have a better night. On the other hand, he does have the skills and the experience. He has a lot of money. You can't count him out. What a fascinating race this is turning out to be. George, good luck with Donald Trump later this morning. We'll be watching. Reminder, be sure to tune in as George interviews the Donald. That's coming up on "This week" right here on ABC. Political theater at its

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{"id":32973610,"title":"Donald Trump Shakes up Campaign Team Post-Debate","duration":"4:34","description":"One of the real estate mogul's top advisers is out in a move made after Trump's comments about Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly.","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-shakes-campaign-team-post-debate-32973610","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}