Donald Trump's Straight Talk About His 2016 Presidential Bid

The real estate mogul made headlines with his 2016 presidential campaign announcement held at Trump Tower in New York City.
4:01 | 06/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump's Straight Talk About His 2016 Presidential Bid
Thanks to David for that. We turn to my interview with the newest candidate for president, billionaire Donald Trump. The real estate mogul reality TV star flirted with running in the past. Yesterday he made it official for the first time ginning the republican field with a speech that ended with this conclusion. Sadly, the American dream is dead. Right after I asked him about that line. The American dream is dead. Who you worried voters will hear that and say Donald Trump doesn't love America. He doesn't believe in America. I love America so much, George and I see what's going on with regulation. I see what's going on with the hatred that everybody has for each other. You look at Baltimore, you look at Cleveland. You look at all of the places, just exploding. We have an african-american president that we've never had it so bad. You look at what's happening. We're in a big bubble. We have a phony stock market. We have artificially induced interest rates that are low. Polling shows you have an uphill fight, 71% unfavorable. It could be and you know what I've always heard if you're very successful, if you're a really big success -- Those Numbers are as bad as Vladimir Putin's. Well, a lot of people are in those Numbers because they said I'm not running. You know that too. It said that. So those Numbers are up there. Now, in the meantime, I was number three in New Hampshire in a recent poll. I was number four in new Hampshire. I'm doing well in Iowa. I'm doing well all over the place. You say you have a foolproof strategy to defeat Isis. Nobody would be tougher on Isis than Donald Trump. Nobody. I do. But you're not going to tell anybody what it is. I'm going to really have to and might as well start now. I hate to tell people because if I win, I don't want Isis to know. I don't -- If your strategy is foolproof don't you have a moral duty to say what it is. Somebody should call me from the administration. I'm asking right now. The problem is you'll see it and so is everybody else and so is the enemy but I will tell you that Isis has taken what I said we should take, the oil. And you knock out that oil. You just knock the hell out of the oil and you have to go in and take the oil, you kill them at the head. It's over. They took the oil -- You bomb the oil fields. I would bomb the hell out of them. Let's talk about your potential opponents. Instant reaction. Jeb bush. I call him a stiff. I mean I think he's a stiff. I watch him. I think he's somebody that doesn't want to do what he's doing. I don't know. Is he being forced to do it. Marco Rubio. I think he's highly overrated. I think he's an overrated person. They say he's a young Ronald Reagan. I say I don't think so and I have far better hair than he does. Hillary Clinton. What Hillary has with the e-mails is scandalous. She has -- you shouldn't be talking to me about that in all fairness and shouldn't be asking me those but I don't mind. What she's done with e-mails is incredible. Gets a subpoena and after getting the subpoena, she cancels it. She cancels everything. What she did is illegal. What she did is totally illegal. I don't know how she gets away with it. And we will make America great again. Thank you. Thank you very much. You're running on Reagan's 1980 slogan. Let's make America great glen. No, my slogan is different. Mine is make America great again. He said -- he put the word "Let's." By the way, he didn't. That's incorrect. He said let's make America great. My slogan -- I they have saw that. Can I have it? Thank you. You know I was a -- I was a friend of Reagan. I didn't know about this. It's fairly close but mine is very simple. Make America great again. Off to Iowa. Thanks for your time. Thanks very much. Donald Trump is actually trademarked that slogan now. Well, that's not that surprising. He's a businessman. Don't forget the "Let's." Okay. He's going to go to new Hampshire and South Carolina, as well.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The real estate mogul made headlines with his 2016 presidential campaign announcement held at Trump Tower in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31822622","title":"Donald Trump's Straight Talk About His 2016 Presidential Bid","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trumps-straight-talk-2016-presidential-bid-31822622"}