Douglas, Zeta-Jones Close to Reconciliation: Friends

Friends of the power couple tell People magazine about how they are trying to save their marriage.
2:31 | 09/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Douglas, Zeta-Jones Close to Reconciliation: Friends
catherine zeta-jones. Friends are speaking out about their marriage and how they're Abc's linzie janis is here, with the possible good news. Reporter: "People" magazine has been speaking to friends of the couple. They've been split up for the past four months. But according to friends, they're not ready to give up. This morning, friends of michael douglas and katherine zeta-jones may be close to reconciling. Douglas thanked his wife at his emmy speech. "People" magazine is reporting the two-time academy award winning actor told them, quote, we're working things out. Talking. And we'll see how she goes. In the current issue of the magazine hitting newsstands on friday, friends of the 44-year-old actress say the couple is trying to save their marriage. The friends are telling us that they're really not giving up. And it's definitely not contentious between them right now. Reporter: The husband and wife of 13 years have not spent time together recently, friends tell "people," they are in constant communication. With the school year getting started, catherine will be in bedford with her kids. Reporter: The couple's fairly tale marriage began to hit a rough patch in 2010, when douglas was diagnosed with cancer. Adding to that, jones' own issues. Treatment for bipolar disorder. May, douglas talked with elizabeth vargas about the illness. It reminded me when I had to come out about the cancer. Just clears up a lot of rumors. Reporter: Zeta-jones made her first public appearance since the separation was announced on sunday, at a red carpet event in china. "People" magazine reports that even though the actress was 6,000 miles away, she sent douglas a note, just before the emmys. If they lean towards saving their marriage, it will probably be because of their focus on saving their family. Reporter: Long-time friend of douglas told "people" magazine, quote, it's as though cancer and marriage problems knocked him around and made him a different man. Today is a special day. They were both born on september 25th. That's right. A great day. That's got to be a challenge. The age gap thing. Good to hear the positive news. Thanks for bringing that to us.

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{"id":20367428,"title":"Douglas, Zeta-Jones Close to Reconciliation: Friends","duration":"2:31","description":"Friends of the power couple tell People magazine about how they are trying to save their marriage.","url":"/GMA/video/douglas-zeta-jones-close-reconciliation-friends-20367428","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}