Beauty Ad Reveals How Tough Women Are on Themselves

Dove asked women to describe their personal features to a forensic sketch artist.
3:35 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Beauty Ad Reveals How Tough Women Are on Themselves
And then you ad campaign for dove has some real insights -- how women see themselves are making blanket got a bullet came here with all that. Release of initial lineup on themselves have an eye opening experience great to see on this morning what -- all over the expression that where our own harshest critic. Well this new ad campaign may give new insight as to why the premise behind experiment it's a simple one -- two female strangers to describe each other and then themselves. The results blew -- away. It's. Proof that beauty is often in the eye of the beholder and win we women -- -- -- holders we can be excruciating. Only talk on ourselves. Tone -- mention. And make -- it's a little thing. In a new ad campaign for -- forensic sketch artist you first draws a woman as she described herself. And then draws her as a total stranger describes her the results couldn't be more dramatic. The second one looks more open. -- -- This advertisements it speaks to that very universal feeling women have that they are not just there's. Not as perfect as they like to be. Fascinated by the social experiment we decided to conduct our own comparative sketches with the help of our GMA intern Kimberly -- Bethany. A lawyer from New York City. Take -- -- -- Bethany describes herself to our sketch artist Gil. Tell me about -- here it's not very voluminous to me about your news. Since Tuesday I think I have -- ear -- now as Kimberly describes her she has had sixteenth tell me about her nose doesn't. It is -- around. Strain -- care Kimberly I mean you in a nutshell described that as a very pretty cute do you consider yourself -- I think I'm an average -- I'm looking would you say are your biggest insecurity is definitely -- my eyes -- -- most women when Kimberly was describing the first thing she said -- -- After several minutes of comparing very different notes it was finally time for the moment of truth how -- those sketches turn out client. Two. -- -- How well -- whom here in a way Kimberly who you known for ten minutes. -- you more accurately than you see yourself it's definitely true that where our own course critics of course by it. It makes me feel really nice -- really good that other people don't perceive me that way. There was talking we have the sketches here so in my right hand you -- Kimberly -- Kimberly views that. Very pretty girl was actually -- let that look like it's true and then you see have Beth described herself. And she basically just focused on all of these flaws that she thinks she adds that. Kimberly in the rest of the world density what have we done to people I mean what it what it that's just crazy she's a beautiful woman -- -- a lot of women feel that I can't see what two -- with him. What -- they would be this. And I understand -- think it's an ad campaign for dove soap. I don't know that there is this is gender specific I have to say I -- I don't know I think I think self perception and problems with it. I think it crosses the did a great campaign and it's not feeling comfortable in your own skin and and I think that's something we all the -- do better rat just get ourselves to Brighton was stunning for me -- was when the describing bat. Kimberly said she has beautiful small perfect years. The first thing that said that she doesn't like about herself her big ears. Just glad I understood yeah yeah.

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{"id":18987522,"title":"Beauty Ad Reveals How Tough Women Are on Themselves","duration":"3:35","description":"Dove asked women to describe their personal features to a forensic sketch artist.","url":"/GMA/video/dove-soap-beauty-ad-sketch-artist-reveals-tough-18987522","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}