New York Doctor Leaves Hospital Ebola-Free

Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for the virus last month after treating patients in Guinea.
4:39 | 11/11/14

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Transcript for New York Doctor Leaves Hospital Ebola-Free
The First Lady and I would like to on behalf of all eight point four million New Yorkers welcome. Craig Spencer back to his normal life would you like to administer the first hug the First Lady. And now the official mayoral of the thank you so much. Thank you so much well done. Hello. My name is Craig Spencer. I am a physician. An aid worker for Doctors Without Borders also known as MSF. I'm very proud. To be among the ranks of more than 3500. Providers. Working with Doctors Without Borders to respond to the evil outbreak in West Africa. I wanted to start by taking a moment to thank the medical team here at HHC Bellevue Hospital Center. For the tremendous Karen support. They have provided to me to survive this virus. Since I was admitted on October 23. I've received an exceptional level of medical treatment. Support and encouragement. From the whole medical and administrative team. I would especially like to thank doctor Laura Evans. Who has finally. Who has primarily man it's my care. Since I first arrived and has been with me every single day. Today I am healthy and no longer infectious. My early detection reporting. And now recovery from a bola. Speaks to the effectiveness of the protocols. That are in place for whole staff returning from West Africa. I am a living example of how those protocols work. And a follow early detection is critical to both surviving a bola. And ensuring that is not transmitted to others. More my case has garnered international attention. It is important to remember that my infection represents. But a fraction of the more than thirteen thousand. Reported case is today in West Africa. The center of the outbreak. Where families are being torn apart in communities. Art history. It is for this reason that I volunteered to work Indian name with Doctors Without Borders. For over five weeks I worked and a bullet treatment center injected to the epicenter of the outbreak. During this time I tried as a hell children who were not strong enough to survive the virus. But I also experienced immense joy. When patients I treated were cured and invited me into their family as a brother upon discharge. Within a week of my diagnosis. Many of these same patients called my personal cell phone from gaining. To wish me well and ask if there is any way that they could contribute to my care. Most incredibly I watched my opinion colleagues. Who have been on the front line since day one and have seen their friends and family members dying. As they continue to fight to save the communities their communities. With so much compassion and dignity. Date are the true heroes that we are not talking about. Please join me in turning our attention back to West Africa. And ensuring that medical volunteers and other aid workers do not face stigma. And threats upon their return home. Volunteers need to be supported to help fight this outbreak at its source. I'm immensely thankful for all of the encouragement and support I've received from my family. So many friends and complete strangers over the past few weeks. In addition I would like to thank my home and sit Houston Columbia university medical center for the unprecedented support I've received from the time I decided to deploy. Until after my diagnosis. Lastly I like to publicly recognize. My incredibly deep appreciation. For Doctors Without Borders. I cannot begin to mention. How well they have helped manage this difficult time for both myself. And my family. Finally I would like to thank in advance. The media for respecting my irate and my family straight. To complete privacy. I will not be commenting publicly beyond the statement. And I urge you please to focus your consumers most urgently needed. At the source of the oval outbreak in West Africa thank you.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for the virus last month after treating patients in Guinea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26833834","title":"New York Doctor Leaves Hospital Ebola-Free","url":"/GMA/video/dr-craig-spencer-leaves-new-york-hospital-ebola-free-26833834"}