Could You Dress Like Kim Kardashian for a Week?

Sally Holmes, senior news editor at, challenged herself to dress like the starlet for one week and wrote about it.
2:55 | 06/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Could You Dress Like Kim Kardashian for a Week?
We know "Keeping up with the kardash kardashians" isn't easy but one editor at tried it out and dressed up like Kim for a week and sally stepped into her shoes and lived to write about it. Sara Haines has her story. Reporter: From reality star to fashion icon, Kim Kardashian is one of Hollywood's most fashion-forward celebrities with a permanent possi of paparazzi. Kim, I love you. Reporter: Sally Holmes, a senior news editor of wanted to step into Kim's shoes, literally so she kardashified by dressing like her every day for a week. You have to have a lot of confidence. Reporter: It took her upwards of three hours to get the full Kim K. Look. Each with its own tricks, layering on two pairs of spanx, a waist trainer and the highest heels you'll ever walk in. The hard work paid off. Kim tweeting, I love this. You look amazing. Hope you had a fun week xo. It gets better. Sally met Kim last week. She said did you have fun and I said yes. She said it was hard, huh. I already know this. Tougher than you think and let me tell you, it is. There's some days that she feels fat. There's some days she has to wear two pairs of spanx and she'll put on the clothes. She'll pose for the pictures and do it and then she gets in the car and unbuttons her pants like everyone else. Reporter: Now it's my turn to look like Kim. My thighs are about ready to squeeze into this. Oh, my gosh. You look awesome. Oh, my gosh. These shoes are crazy. They're a lot. How do you feel? Va VA voom. You look amazing. You look VA VA voom. Va VA VA voom. Can I channel her confidence in outfit number two? I may not have pulled off the glam but I sure had fun trying. I'm still having fun trying. Right now and I'm trying very hard because two things I want to say there's a lot of under Armour going on. It's not pretty getting into it but there's a huge psychology in dressing this way. I feel so -- I ail different than myself but very confident. You were saying that that you really own it and never had more attention. No, I got a little snotty on the way down to the studio. It happened. I literally got a little rude. No? Not mean or anything. I just was a little more arrogant. Because you said you feel really good. Would you continue dressing this way? I would. I think it's owning the body you have which Kim does very well and dressing it and now I think -- I don't think I can pull this off or these eyes. Yeah, can you. In a big way. In a big way. I'm wearing this tomorrow too. Thank you for doing that, Sara.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Sally Holmes, senior news editor at, challenged herself to dress like the starlet for one week and wrote about it. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31521661","title":"Could You Dress Like Kim Kardashian for a Week?","url":"/GMA/video/dress-kim-kardashian-week-31521661"}