Drew Barrymore Launches Cosmetics Line

Hollywood director, actress shares beauty tips with "GMA" viewers.
4:41 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Barrymore Launches Cosmetics Line
We're here with drew barrymore. Actress, director, producer, of plenty of movies. But new projects in the mix now that she's excited about. Like a brand-new makeup line. A new marriage. And a beautiful baby girl. We're happy to have you here to talk about it all. Thank you for having me. You're always to nice. I love working with you. Yay. We're so happy. Saying, when we talked about your wine -- also has a wine. She has a wine collection. Bring some out? I didn't because I thought it was early. But a tip for later. I call it something for the inside. And the makeup for the outside. Let's talk about your very special project first. And I want to, if you don't mind sharing, how you came up with the name for your beautiful, little girl, olive. My husband and I were looking through a book. It talked about what size your baby is, as it's growing inside of you. And they use food for some reason, as a reference. And that time, our baby was the size of an olive. And we never looked back. I love it. A wonderfully unique name. And you recently said you were not going to get involved with the pressure that comes along with losing weight after pregnancy. Yeah. You were very vocal and said, no way. Not happening. This is a time to be nice to ourselves and not feel about what it is or shouldn't be. So, you know, I also think that when it comes to postpregnancy life, a beauty line, it is happiness when it comes from the inside. You look and feel your most beautiful. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is the answer. Absolutely. And in terms of how olive has changed your life, what do you notice being the biggest change about drew barrymore? Well, she's made me a morning person. Well, we love that. Thank you, olive. Yeah. I don't know that I've seen you here often here live. I was up at 6:00 a.M. With her, going, I'm getting ready for work. She was there. We were doing makeup together and hanging out. It's great. She puts me in a good mood in the morning. And I wouldn't be more in love with her. Terrific. And it's so wonderful that the name, flower, which is your production company, was available. Your father-in-law -- a coco man. Was shocked that nobody had taken that simple, beautiful name for a line of makeup. He still can't believe it. But a flower is something so beautiful. If you have it in the middle of your work day. If you're rushing down the street and somebody hands you a flower, it transports you. It transcends you into something beautiful in the middle of wherever you are. It's kind of like, what kind of flower are you? Are you a daisy? Are you a cabbage rose? Are you everything in between? This is an all-ages party. This is a very inclusive line. And 181 different products. Your makeup artist is going to work with katie, who works with us on "good morning america." And give us some of your personal tricks. Nicole works at mesa, a company I'm doing this with. And she's been integral to the line. We curated everything in this line. If you want your everyday tools in your arsenal, we have that. It's amazing to see, women, how they work with the line. You can do smoky eyes. Pale lips, toffee lips. Will you give us tip number one? Yes. Well, actually, it's something I'm wearing and something she's wearing from our foxy brown shadow pallet. And there's a great tip. If you use the color, the darker color, on your lid, but you take the lighter color, to highlight along the brow bone and in the corners of the eyes, it gives you a bright pop. And it defines the eye beautifully. That's what you use for the eyes foundation, around the outer corner, as well? Is that right? Around the outer corner. And around the nose, as well. You can put it around your nose and brighten up your whole face. That's a great way to use concealer, period. Yeah. You guy, it is called flower. It is available at walmart. Drew barrymore, mogul, of wine, of films, of makeup and of olive.

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{"id":18270993,"title":"Drew Barrymore Launches Cosmetics Line","duration":"4:41","description":"Hollywood director, actress shares beauty tips with \"GMA\" viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/drew-barrymore-interview-baby-olive-launching-cosmetics-line-18270993","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}